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QuickBooks Online Advanced 2023 (Features, Pricing, & System Requirements)

    QuickBooks Online Advanced refers to an online accounting solution or a cloud-based accounting solution that is meant to assist both small and large business organizations in handling invoices, projects, expenses, and more. the centralized dashboard of this tool helps users track the organization’s performance through KPIs(key performance indicators)

    Furthermore, QuickBooks Online Advanced is utilized to provide tasks to the company representatives, give access to other users, and work online with other team members. Users can utilize it to categorize their transactions based on finance, tax categories, and other financial operations. It allows you to manage recurring payments and create custom estimates.

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    What’s New in QuickBooks Online Advanced

    QuickBooks Online Advanced

    Below are the new features of QuickBooks Online Advanced.

    1. Exclusive App Integration

    You can integrate with the best apps for tailored solutions and track data unique to your industry with Premium Apps like, Salesforce, Hubspot, DocuSign, and more. And access exclusive connections, and functions only with this QuickBooks Online plan.

    1. Manage Employee Expenses

    Employees can save their valuable time and can reduce the tension of error by directly submitting expenses to QuickBooks. This function will help to track the employee’s expenses in QuickBooks.

    3. Revenue recognition

    Now you can avoid manual work in Spreadsheets and third-party tools as this feature can automatically track and enter deferred revenue to your books, so you can Stay consistent, compliant, and credible with automated revenue recognition.

    4. Workflow automation

    Now you can automate key accounting tasks like setting reminders for transactions like invoices, payments, or deposits with a due date and notify customers when their payment has been received and Route invoices through on pre-set approval flows quickly.

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    Key-Features Available in Online Advanced

    There are some features that are available in QuickBooks Online Advanced.

    1. Track Income and Expenses

    It can sort your transactions into tax categories automatically and import them safely from your bank, credit cards, PayPal, Square. Also, it creates custom tags and organizes them into up to 40 tag groups to see where you make and spend money. It can upload or email receipts to QuickBooks.

    1. Maximize Tax Deduction

    It can easily categorize and sort income and expenses into tax categories. It allows you to share your account details with your accountant.

    1. Invoice and Accept Payments

    It allows you to accept all credit cards and bank transfers, and you can track invoice status, and match payments, send payment reminders to invoices automatically. Also, The user can create professional custom invoices.

    1. Manage Cash Flow

    You can open a QuickBooks Cash account to use instant deposit at additional cost and see your business balances on one dashboard. 

    1. Send Estimates

    The user can easily categorize their business estimates to see the latest status of their business. QuickBooks Online allows you to accept mobile signatures and convert estimates into invoices. Also, the user can track payments easily.

    1. Manage and Pay Bills

    You can pay and schedule payments online in QuickBooks and manage bills in one place. It allows choosing the way to pay your vendors. You can pay online through bank transfer or debit card, or defer payments through credit card. 

    1. Project Profitability Tracking

    The user can easily track labor costs, payroll, and expenses with job costing and keep the eye on one place. You can see project profitability with clear dashboards and reports.

    1. Inventory Tracking

    You can easily track products and the cost of goods and create purchase orders, and manage vendors. When inventory is low, you will get a notification. See what’s popular.

    1. Miles Tracking

    It allows you to use your mobile GPS to easily track the miles you drive, and track business and personal trips. 

    1. Sales and Sales Tax Tracking

    You can calculate taxes automatically by using your invoices and connecting to the e-commerce tools like Shopify. It allows you to accept credit cards anywhere with the mobile card reader or sync with popular apps.

    1. Time Tracking

    It can enter the hour itself or give access to employees to enter their hour. Also, you can track billable hours by client or employee and add them automatically to invoices.

    1. Google Sheets

    You can link QuickBooks with Google Accounts and start exporting any QuickBooks report to Google Sheets. When QuickBooks reports are exported to Google Sheets, the formatting of the QuickBooks report is also ported over.

    1. Manage Task

    It allows you to create and assign work from anywhere and on any device. You can speed up review and approval processes with if-this-then-that workflows.

    1. Run Powerful Reports

    You can see how much your profitability is progressing and create custom charts to track indicators like gross revenue, net profit, or expenses by class or location.

    1. Business Analytics & Insights

    It allows you to rank, compare, and benchmark your companies, clients, or franchisees. 

    1. Batch Invoices & Expenses

    It helps you to batch invoices with category or item details, or duplicate line items for multiple categories. You can create up to 150 invoices, checks, bills, or expenses at once via the batch transactions panel.

    1. Back up Company Data

    You can set up automatic and continuous backups and restore to a specific date and time, and track changes with the history logs. Rollback on changes made to vendors, customers, settings, and more.

    1. Includes More than 5 Users

    The QuickBooks Online Advanced includes more than 5 and up to 25 users. You can create custom access to share the work without losing data.

    1. 3 Accountant Seats

    It allows up to three accountants, CPAs, tax preparers, inventory specialists, or other accounting professionals.

    1. Security & Private

    It keeps all your financial data protected by using advanced, industry-recognized security safeguards. It can automatically back up your data and work anytime and on any device.

    1. Easy to Use

    You can connect to the right resources with a dedicated account team via your Priority Circle membership. According to a maximum number of users, it is very easy to get QuickBooks and use it.

    1. Work Smarter

    You can work anywhere, anytime, and on any device. You can collaborate with your bookkeeper, accountant, or other colleagues when you track the changes in an activity log. It allows you to access and manage your accounts from your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

    23. Bill management

    You can easily manage and pay bills on time by scheduling and making payments online right in Quickbooks, and also you can connect with your vendors and automatically import bills through the QuickBooks Business Network.

    24. Chart of accounts (unlimited)

    You can keep track of money in and money out with unlimited entries, as you can track financial transactions with an unlimited chart of account entries.

    25. Connect all sales channels

    You can connect QuickBooks Online to any number of accounts across e-commerce apps like Amazon, Shopify, and eBay—and other platforms added in the future.

    26. Custom access controls

    You can easily control who sees your data, assign work to specific users, and create custom permissions.

    27. Data sync with Excel

    As you already know that Excel provides more accurate business data and custom insights, so it gives you the option to seamlessly send data back and forth between QuickBooks Online Advanced and Excel.

    28. Enhanced custom fields

    You can add up to 40 custom fields and create more detailed reports with multiple field types. You can also search, sort, and filter data.

    29. Exclusive premium apps

    You can integrate best-in-class apps like LeanLaw, HubSpot, Docusign,, Salesforce, and Centage to build end-to-end solutions tailored to meet your unique business needs.

    30. Income and expenses

    You can create custom tags and organize them into up to 40 tag groups to see where you make and spend money.

    31. Receipt capture

    You can upload or email receipts to QuickBooks instantaneously, and it will match your receipts to existing expenses or create new expenses for you if it doesn’t match any expenses.

    32. Tax deductions

    It can automatically sort business expenses into the right tax categories, which you can organize easily, and you can share with your accountants to avoid tax-time surprises.


    The QuickBooks Online Advanced version allows a minimum of 5 users and up to 25 users and the price is $90/Month. If you buy a 3-month subscription, you have to pay only 50%.

    System Requirements for QuickBooks Online Advanced

    If you are trying to use QuickBooks Online Advanced for your business, then you should know the system requirements for this. Here are some system requirements before using QuickBooks Online Advanced.

    • Operating Systems should be like Microsoft Windows 7 or 10, Mac OSX 10.7 or later, latest Chrome OS.
    • You need a high-speed internet connection. 
    • Supported browsers are Chrome 34 or later, Firefox 29 or later, Internet Explorer 10 or later, Safari 6.1 or later.
    • It is accessible via mobile browsers like Android, Chrome (Android and iOS) & Safari.
    • A data plan is necessary. (All features are not available on mobile apps).
    • You can use the QuickBooks Online mobile application on iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Android tablets.
    • The mobile access has been included with your QuickBooks Online subscription at no additional cost.

    QuickBooks Online Advanced simplifies your business with some of the advanced custom tools to make your account management easier. First, observe the features provided by the Online Advanced, and take the decision to use it or not. We have covered all of the important information of the plan, hope you find it informative. You can take help from our QuickBooks ProAdvisor through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 for any kind of query regarding this.

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