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How to fix QuickBooks Error 106, 168, and 324 (Online banking error)

    Online banking is one of the tools of QuickBooks which is used to download the transaction, but sometimes it shows an error like 106, 168, and 324. which is one of the common errors which occur due to the online fail due to the server or unable to find the Accounts while we log in to our bank account website. These errors 106, 168, and 324 are also known as online banking errors.

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    What are the causes of 106, 168, and 324 errors or Online banking errors

    Reasons to show errors.

    • These errors occur due to the older version of QuickBooks.
    • Sometimes it occurs due to the breakdown of the server.
    •  File corruption can be the cause of the error
    • Or the deleting of some important file or transaction 

    How to resolve the 106, 168, and 324 errors or Online banking error

    To resolve the online banking error like 106, 168, and 324  users are having only two choices,  either they can go for the automatic update or manual update. Both are having their own benefits like for the big online banking system automatic update is the best option, but some banks do not allow it so for them manual update is the best option.

    The American express users are allowed only 2 to 3 updates in a week. So that’s why users move to the manual update.

    The users which are having American express open accounts, and are connected to the QuickBooks get the fresh transaction in the night only and there are not any options for the manual updates. 

    There are some of the methods to resolve the online banking errors

    Method 1. Update your bank account Manually

    • First of all, you have to open the QuickBooks online banking and then click on the banking option which appears on the left side of the navigation panel.
    • Select the accounts which you want to update right now, and then click on the update.
    • Then you have to enter the Multi-factor authentication number.
    • After all the information is entered then the update will start.
    • When the update is over you will get the notification.

    After the bank account update check that it works or not. If it is showing the latest date of the update then it works and if not then you can move to the next method.

    Important information for manually update

    • If the connection interview shows the notification then the bank requires only a manual update.
    • After setting up the automatic update the user is unable to see the latest information that means it requires a manual update.

    Method 2. Update your bank account Automatically 

    • When the automatic update is On. The online banking update starts at 3 pm time pacific.
    • If QuickBooks is unable to update for the first time it will try up to 5 times in the interval of 1 hour.
    • Once the bank update starts then the user can not force it to stop or on and there are not any options to choose what to download or ignore.

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    Resolve QuickBooks online banking error code 106, 168, or 324

    • 324 error can be fixed while clicking on the link which appears at the message, it will reconnect your account link. After you click on the link then follow the instruction that displays on the screen.
    • If the reconnect my link does not appear, or any other indication shows on the screen. Then check that you have added the updated bank details. 
    • Then you have to click on the update button and start the update manually.
    • After you update the account manually then login with the given URL by the online banking.

    This is only for the US customer with Well Fargo

    When the customer is trying to log in to their Well Fargo accounts this error occurs, this error may be displayed due to the bank providing us with your details. To see that the lost account is successfully connected to your QuickBooks Online. 

    QuickBooks Error 106, 168, and 324
    • First,  you have to visit the Well Fargo site.
    • Then go to the Account summary and choose the business account and click it.
    • After that choose the set as the default view.
    • Then you have to log in to your Well Fargo account, it will not show the business and personal account. Now every time you will go to upgrade for the business and personal account for the non-default view.


    In this article, we have discussed online banking errors and how to resolve them. I hope this article will help you to fix the error, but in case if you find any problem regarding QuickBooks you can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor experts. They will help you and give you the best result regarding your concern.

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