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How To Resolve Quickbooks error c=47

    Quickbooks accounting software makes our business task easier and faster. Because it has various tools capable of managing your business accounting. Like it has the facility to send a payment receipt by email direct to the vendor/ purchaser. But some users get Quickbooks error c=47 during working on receipts. So today we are going to resolve Quickbooks error code c=47. Let’s see below.

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    What Is Quickbooks Error c=47

    Quickbooks error is a mistake done by software developers during development time. And these errors are found when users are using the software. In our case when we are sending payment receipt to the vendor via email, then we get Quickbooks error c=47. Where c=47 is a name given by Quickbooks to easily identify this error. And you can get Quickbooks support regarding Quickbooks error code 47. By the way, there are several more conditions where you can face Quickbooks error c47. So let’s see more on this topic.

    • You will get Quickbooks error when you trying to update anything in the company file
    • And sometimes you may get an error during editing transaction
    • If you are deleting transactions from the report.

    Before proceeding how to resolve Quickbooks error c=47. We want to share with you some user experience, they asked Questions on Quickbook communities. So let’s see those questions below…

    Question 1: When I am sending Payment Receipt to anyone, I get the Quickbooks error code c=47

    Question 2: whenever I try to post payment receipt to the customer, I get Quickbooks error code c=47

    Question 3: When I am using Quickbooks payroll 2019-18 version, I am getting Quickbooks error c=47.

    The cause behind Quickbooks Error Code C=47

    As we said above, Quickbooks error c=47 occurs due to editing any document in the company file. Or there are various conditions where you may get QB error c47. So let’s see

    • Wrong Internet explorer settings can travel to Quickbooks error
    • Your system is affected by the malware and viruses
    • The company file is corrupted or damaged

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    How To Resolve Quickbooks Error C=47

    Quickbooks errors are very easy to resolve by the Quickbooks customer service number. But it’s better to read our solution, which will help you to resolve Quickbooks error code c=47 without any cost. So let’s see steps to fix QB error c=47.

    Solution 1: Configure Internet Explorer for Quickbooks

    When you update internet explorer, then it uses standard settings for browsing. And this is the case where you get Quickbooks error. So first you need to configure your Internet Explorer for Quickbooks.

    Solution 2: Scan For Virus

    Sometimes when your system affected by malware and viruses. Then it’s very difficult to work with Quickbooks application. So let’s see how we can scan viruses and remove them from PC…

    • Go to the search box from taskbar
    • And type the antivirus name that you use in your PC
    • Double click on antivirus and click on scan PC

    Solution 3: Quickbooks company file damaged

    If your company file has damage and corrupted then it can create difficulty in using Quickbooks.

    Note: Before repairing damaged company files, you should keep the backup of your company file. So that if any data loss occurs then you can easily retrieve from the backup file.

    You can repair your company file by using Quickbooks tool hub software. It has a Quickbooks file doctor tool that builds for fixing Quickbooks errors.

    • Download and install Quickbooks tool hub in your system
    • Open QB tool hub and click on company file issue tab
    • Now click on the Quickbooks file doctor tool button
    • Choose your company file by browse button and login if company file is protected.
    • Then choose a suitable option from radio buttons and click on Next
    • Then wait for process finish and close the window
    • Now try to do work again you will not face Quickbooks error c=47

    Solution 4: Run The Rebuild Data Utility

    • Open Quickbooks desktop application
    • And click on File menu from menu bar on Quickbooks
    • Then click utility section and click on Rebuild data
    • You will see popup message box, where you have to click an OK button
    • Again a popup appears then click on Ok and again OK
    • You have resolved your Quickbooks error now enjoy working

    But if you are getting error again then you can update your Quickbooks application. Because the company file you are trying to access might neet the latest version of Quickbooks.

    Solution 5: Update Quickbooks Software and list

    We should always use the latest version of Quickbooks. By the way, Quickbooks is automatically updated its version. But if due to any reason your QB is not updated. The follow the below steps to resolve Quickbooks error c=47.

    • Open Quickbooks and go to help section
    • And click on Update Quickbooks desktop

    After the update, you have to re-sort the list then follow the instruction below

    • Open Quickbooks and go to List from menu bar
    • Click on the chart of accounts
    • Then click on View menu, and then you can click on Re-sort List
    • Change what you want and check the item list
    • Now you have to sort customer list click on Customer center
    • And then go to customer and job tab
    • Then select Resort List from the View menu
    • After completing resorting you need to restart Quickbooks, you will resolve your Quickbooks error code c=47


    Whenever you try to send and edit any payment receipt, then you can get Quickbooks error c=47. Then you can resolve it by restarting your system. Or you can use Quickbooks tool hub to resolve Quickbooks error automatically

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