QuickBooks Database Server Manager – Install, Update And Setup

QuickBooks Database Manager is a kind of service which a user can easily configure for QuickBooks accounting software multi-user access. This is also known as QuickBooks database server manager. This type of avail creates a file named as network data file (.ND) file for any company on the host computer. You can make use of this utility to perform the following tasks:

  • You can inspect folders for QuickBooks company files that you can configure for multi-user access.
  • Examine local hard drives for automatic configuration of new company files.
  • you can easily access your company files from many computers on your networks.

Database server manager installation is very important. Do you know why so? It’s because without installing the QB database server manager, you can’t think of using the multiple version of QuickBooks Desktop software. But you can create a connection with the host computer and thus enables to perform multi-user task like QuickBooks file sharing among multiple users.

QuickBooks Database Manager – Advantages

Have a look at the benefits provided by QuickBooks server database manager-

  • Local store or local drive can be easily analyzed to connect with the latest version of QuickBooks and updated company file quickly.
  • You can run a scan on the particular company file that is to be used for QuickBooks online support multiple users access by the QB accounting software stored on another system.

How to Access QuickBooks Database?

You must know how to access the QB database server manager. Let’s discuss them-

  • First, navigate and then click the Start icon button.
  • There is an option called Programs. Select it.
  • Just click on the QuickBooks tab.
  • Now at the end, select the tab called QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

QuickBooks Database Server Manager: Quick Tips

Here are simple tips to use QuickBooks database manager-

  • QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBMS): QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDBMS) creates Network Data files(.ND files) and stores the company files on the host computer.
  • Multiple Version: It will give you multiple versions of processes on the installation of multiple versions of the Database Server Manager. But it cannot give you the multiple versions of the software.
  • Add a User: When the QB Database Server Manager is installed, a user is added by each QuickBooks versions.
    For example, QBDataServiceUser28 for 2018 and QBDataServiceUsers27 for 2017.
  • Installation in chronological order: Whenever you want to make use of multiple versions of QuickBooks Desktop, you may install the Database Server Manager in sequential order from oldest to newest for each version.

Here we are going to discuss steps for how to install, update & setup QuickBooks server manager.

QuickBooks Database Manager -How To Install, Update And Setup

QuickBooks Database Server Manager

This most amazing utility feature allows you to organize the application for multiple users. In order to ensure the optimum use of the QuickBooks Desktop App, QSDM works quite well. For the maximum utilization of the application and file performance on the network, you need to first install, update, and set up the QBDBSM on the computer.

In case you are using QuickBooks Desktop multiple version, it is better to install QBDBSM for every version.

How to install QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

How to install the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

  • Find the location of the QuickBooks installer on the host computer. Double-click on it. Now open the installation wizard.
  • Click on the option that says ‘Next’ if the host computer can access the network and easily download an update.
  • In case of no internet connection, click on the option saying ‘No’. After that hit on the ‘Next’ button.
  • Terminate the other programs running in the background. Click on ‘Next’.
  • Carefully read the Software License Agreement and then agree to it. Click on ‘Next’.
  • Select ‘Custom or Network Options’. Choose the type of installation.
  • Select the option saying ‘Yes, allow access.’
  • To complete the software installation, follow the instructions on the screen.
  • After the installation of software, set up the Database Server Manager carefully.

How to update the Database Server Manager?

After the successful installation of the database server manager, you must check whether the software is available or not. Periodically, For optimizing the use of the QuickBooks Desktop application, Intuit releases the software update.

How to update the Database Server Manager?

The newly installed QuickBooks Desktop mostly requires an update. Follow the steps mention below:

  • You need to download the latest release of QuickBooks Desktop App. It is vital to know that for both the server and the computer, the patch is the same.
  • Once you are done with the installation, you are suggested to reboot the server.
  • A message will appear after updating the server. This message shows that ‘the company files are required to be updated…’. There will be a popup for creating a backup which you can’t ignore because the updates can change the database structure.
  • Just follow the popups. After you are done taking the backup, you should be able to open the files.

How to setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

How to setup QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

  • First, open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. Scan the folders or files that you need to configure for the multi-user access.
  • It’s time to carefully examine the company files on the server. It is required to ensure that the files are properly configured for QuickBooks multi-user activity.
  • For adding the new company files to the server, make use of Monitored Drives Feature. Keep updating the Database Server Manager.
  • Make sure that all the company files are connected to the server and users are also logged in to the company files.
  • Use the Service Administrative Tool in case you want to change the status of the service, and configure it.
  • Use the ‘Updates’ feature. Download the latest updates to the QuickBooks Server.

How to Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager?

Follow some simple steps to open QuickBooks Database Manager:

  • Click the Start menu.
  • Select All Programs.
  • Go to QuickBooks folder.
  • Then click on QuickBooks Database Server Manager.

QuickBooks server database manager

Let us understand what each tab on the QuickBooks Manager does:

1. Scan Folders – In this tab, you can scan the folders in which the Quickbooks company files are located. Scanning these folders is important to allow other users to open the company files remotely.

  • Click the Add Folder button to add a folder. Then choose the folder that you want to add. It will add the folder under the Folders containing Quickbooks company file.
  • In order to remove a folder, click the path of the folder under the folders including Quickbooks company file. Click the Remove Folder button now.
  • Press the Scan button to inspect the folders that are listed under the folders containing Quickbooks company files. You will see the list of company files found on that folder, once the folder scan is completed.

2. Database Server – This tab shows the latest statistics as well as the status of the database server. Plus, it displays the company file recently being used and the Quickbooks name logged in user.

3. Monitored Drives – It displays each & every hard drive found on your computer. When the initial scan is completed, the hard drives chosen by you will be continuously monitored. This will ensure that the newly created company files and files need to be moved to, this system can be opened by remote users.

4. Updates – It gives you a link for reaching the QuickBooks Update website. It helps you to update a server that only has the database server manager installed. If the QuickBooks Software installed along with the Database Manager, no need to update the Database Manager. It’s because both of them are updated after updating your QuickBooks accounting software.

5. System – This tab shows the complete information about your computer.

Host Multi-user access and Database Server Manager (DBSM)?

The process installed on a computer usually the server where the company files are physically located to manage multi-user access to the company file is called the QuickBooks Manager. But it itself does not have an installed QuickBooks / Accounts Business application.

The DBSM is a part of the QuickBooks/Accounts Business application which is turned into a standalone utility. It is installed by selecting the Company File Server.

Host Multi-User Access is a process in a networked environment activating the management of multi-user access to the company file through the installation on the same PC. It will perform the same job on a PC with this application installed that the DBSM does on the server.

Users install the DBSM in a client/server network. But, in a Peer to Peer network having no standalone server. You can turn it on by installing using the option QuickBooks and Company File Server, or you can also do it by File > Utilities > Host Multi-user access.

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