Quickbooks Purchase Order: How To Generate Purchase Order

Quickbooks is popular for its simplicity of handling small business accounting. One such example of its simplicity is Quickbooks’ purchase order. It’s a very simple and easy way to generate a purchase order. As a small business owner, you will have suppliers. From whom you either buy some products and avail of their services.

In such an event it’s better to raise a purchase order. Quickbooks purchase order or PO is a document that you can send to the vendor or supplier. It shows your intent to buy products or services from them.

And defined the details of the purchase such as Quantity and prices. If your vendor/supplier accepts your PO, it means you have an agreement to receive those products or services under the terms given. So in Quickbooks how can you create a purchase order that is complete with the relevant information?

So before generating a Quickbooks PO, the purchase order feature has to be enabled in your Quickbooks software from the settings.

How To Enable Purchase Order Feature In Quickbooks

If you want to create a Quickbooks purchase order. Then you have to check first, is purchase order features enable in your company setting. So let’s check it…

  • Open your Quickbooks software.
  • Then you will see + icon on the right side of Quickbooks dashboard click on it.
  • Now you will see a drop-down feature where you have to select Purchase order
  • If you see and error message ” We are sorry purchase order is turned off ” on your screen
  • Then you have to enable it from the Setting link provided just below of sorry message.
  • Click on the Setting link to go to company settings.
  •  But we will provide you another method to do this.
  • Go to your dashboard and click on the gear icon on top right
  • And select Company Settings under the settings.
  • Then you will be able to see the company settings page
  • After that, you have to select expenses from the left navigation bar
  • And then click on the Pencil Icon which is just situated on the right side of the purchase order.section.
  • Make sure checkbox of Purchase Order is checked
  • Now select Save and then click on the Done button to enable the purchase order feature.

How To Create Quickbooks Purchase Order

After enabling Quickbooks purchase order from the Company Settings. You can use this QB purchase order function. Follow the below steps to generate a QB purchase order.

  • Go to your Quickbooks dashboard and select the Gear icon
  • Then under the Gear icon, you will have to select the Purchase order option
  • Next, you will see the Purchase Order form in front of your screen.
  • Now you can choose the supplier from the drop-down menu or enter a new supplier
  • Then you can notice, the status of a purchase order is Open by default. This status will automatically get closed when all the items in which are linked through the transaction. However, you can change the status of the existing PO at any time.
  • Now enter the supplier email address, mailing address, shipping address, and ship to fields and wish to ship the purchase order directly to the customer. then you have to specify New address in the Ship to the dropdown menu
  • And if you wish to change the purchase date, then you can do it.
  • You can also specify shipping carrier in the Ship via field
  • Fill all the item details inside the Item Detail section.
  • Enter the product or services that you want to purchase.
  • Provide a description in the Description field and then Qty, rate and the applicable tax
  • Select the customer if you are purchasing an item on the behalf of the customer which appear in the item detail section
  • And you can also add a message in the message box. You can Memo attachments up to 20Mb in Quickbooks purchase order.
  • Now select Save and Send button, Save and close or Save and New to save your PO
  • Congratulation you have now generated a PO

How To Customize PO

As you have learned how to create a PO in Quickbooks. Now you will see how to customize Quickbooks purchase order.

  • Go to the Quickbooks dashboard and click on the Gear icon
  •  Then a popup message window will appear on your screen.
  • You have to select the + from the popup window.
  • You can now add your favorite field click on the Add another field.
  • Click X on the top right corner of the popup window to close this window
  • You can now see the updated purchase order field in the form. This is how easy it is to generate and customize Quickbooks’ purchase order.


Quickbooks made easy to generate and customize the purchase orders for small business owners. So follow the above steps to generate and customize PO. PO is helpful for future reference. That how much you have purchase items on how much price. Then you can further estimate for the future reorder. To know more about purchase order you can contact Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

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