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How to Create Purchase Order in QuickBooks

Do you want to know, ‘How to Create Purchase Order in QuickBooks?’, if so then, we eagerly welcome you to our Accountwizy platform. Here in this blog, we have the procedure for creating a purchase order in QuickBooks Desktop, and QuickBooks Online, and also something new about the QuickBooks purchase order for you. Just stay with us, and read the blog carefully.

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As every QuickBooks users know that, QuickBooks is popular for its simplicity of handling small business accounting. One of the best examples of’ QuickBooks purchase order’. It’s a very simple and easy way to generate a purchase order. As a small business owner, you will have suppliers. From whom you either buy some products and avail of their services.

In such an event it’s better to raise a purchase order. QuickBooks purchase order or PO is a document that you can send to the vendor or supplier. It shows your intent to buy products or services from them.

And defined the details of the purchase such as Quantity and prices. If your vendor/supplier accepts your PO, it means you have an agreement to receive those products or services under the terms given. So in QuickBooks how can you create a purchase order that is complete with the relevant information?

So before generating a QuickBooks PO, the purchase order feature has to be enabled in your QuickBooks software from the settings.

Procedure to Create QuickBooks Purchase Order

You can create a QuickBooks purchase order easily through the below methods. Here we have provided the procedure for both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online, you can choose any one of the methods according to your product type.

Before proceeding with the methods, you need to enable the purchase order feature, so here is the solution for you:

How To Enable Purchase Order Feature In QuickBooks

If you want to create a QuickBooks purchase order. Then you have to check first, is purchase order features enable in your company setting. So let’s check it…

  • Open your QuickBooks software.
  • Then you will see the + icon on the right side of the QuickBooks dashboard click on it.
  • Now you will see a drop-down feature where you have to select Purchase order
  • If you see and error message ” We are sorry purchase order is turned off ” on your screen
  • Then you have to enable it from the Setting link provided just below of sorry message.
  • Click on the Setting link to go to company settings.
  •  But we will provide you another method to do this.
  • Go to your dashboard and click on the gear icon on top right
  • And select Company Settings under the settings.
  • Then you will be able to see the company settings page
  • After that, you have to select expenses from the left navigation bar
  • And then click on the Pencil Icon which is just situated on the right side of the purchase order.section.
  • Make sure the checkbox of Purchase Order is checked
  • Now select Save and then click on the Done button to enable the purchase order feature.

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How to Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Desktop

Follow the steps to create a purchase order in QuickBooks Desktop:

  • At first, you need to log into QuickBooks Desktop, and to check that the purchase order is turned on or not.
  • If the purchase order is not turned on yet then, follow the given steps to turn it on.
    • Select the ‘Preferences’ option from the ‘Edit’ menu.
    • Then, go for the ‘Items & Inventory’ section to choose the Company Preferences tab.
    • Tick mark on the ‘Inventory and purchase orders are active’ box.
    • Now complete the process by clicking the ‘Ok’ option.
  • Visit the ‘Vendors’ menu, and select the ‘Create Purchase Orders’ option.
  • Now you need to select the vendor whom you’d like to create a purchase order for from the ‘Vendor’ drop-down.
  • You can a new vendor by selecting the ‘Add New’ option.
  • Add items that you want to add items, and fill out all the fields as per your need.
  • At last, click on the ‘Save & Close’ option.

How to Create a Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online

To create a QuickBooks purchase order in Online first, go for QuickBooks Online login, and follow the given procedures:

To Turn on Purchase Order in QuickBooks Online

  • At first, you need to go to the ‘Settings’ tab, and select the ‘Account and Settings’.
  • After that, choose the ‘Expenses’ option from the ‘Account and Settings’ drop-down.
  • Now go to the section of ‘Purchase orders’, and select the edit icon.
  • After that, you need to mark on the ‘use Purchase Orders’ box.
  • You can also enter titles for up to 3 custom fields, and a default message, this is totally optional.
  • At last, click the ‘Save’, and then click the ‘Done’ option.

To Enter a Purchase Order

  • Go to the ‘+ New’ option, and click on the ‘Purchase Order’ option.
  • Now from the ‘Vendor’ drop-down menu, choose the ‘Add a vendor’ option.
  • After that go to the ‘Ship To’ option, and choose the customer, if you want to ship a product directly to a customer.
  • In the custom field, fill out them, according to your need.
  • Now go to the Category Details or to the ‘Item Details’ section, and enter the purchases.
  • In the end, click the ‘Save and close’ option to complete the entry.

To Apply a Purchase Order to a Transaction

  • If in case, you save a PO to a transaction and want to edit the transaction by deleting the PO, then the PO will remain closed, and you need to open it manually.
  • Remember that, you can’t add negative line items from a PO into a check, bill, or expenses.
  • record a vendor credit, if you want to record a potential refund.

To Receive or Pay Part of a Purchase Order

Before proceeding for this method, you need to remember that, if you are receiving a partial payment amount on PO, you can add part of a PO to a transaction, and also can link Multiple transactions to a single PO.

  • Go for the ‘+New’ option, and choose Expense, Check, or Bill.
  • And then, from the ‘Payee’ drop-down menu, choose the vendor or payee.
  • In the PO section, add PO to the transaction, and click the ‘Add’ option.
  • Now the purchase order will be added to the first available line in the item details or category details.
  • Edit the amount for each line portion.
  • At last, click the ‘Save and Close’ option.

To Run a Purchase Order Report

  • To run a purchase order report, at first, you need the ‘Report’ section.
  • After that, go to the ‘Standard’ tab, and click the ‘Expenses and Vendors’ option.
  • Now you can see a number of report list:
    • Open Purchase Order List Open
    • Purchase Order Detail
    • Purchases by Product/Service Detail
    • Purchases by Vendor Detail
  • You can select any to run, or customize them.


QuickBooks made it easy to generate and customize purchase orders for small business owners. We hope, you like the blog. Still, if you need to get help to perform the steps, or want to know about the QuickBooks purchase order deeply then, you can get our ProAdvisor support through the toll-free number +1-844-405-0904 at any time and anywhere.

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Quickbooks Purchase Order: How To Generate Purchase Order
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