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Tips to Troubleshoot Basics with QuickBooks Desktop for mac

    QuickBooks Mac is accounting software that is used for businesses and accounting. It allows you to create the invoices, track sales, expenses and manage the account payable.

    It provides specific features like it can embed a notification bar into the mac menu bar, it can remind the calendar, and synchronize the contact with the mac address books.

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    Steps to Troubleshoot Basic with QuickBooks for Mac

    Step 1.First, you have to check the version of the QuickBooks Desktop and the Mac operating system.

    If you want to upgrade the Mac operating system then you have to upgrade the QuickBooks mac also, because if it is not upgraded then it can cause some issues, if you have upgraded both even then it can cause a technical error, so you have to open a sample company file which is installed in QuickBooks. Even then it causes an error then the problem is about data damage.

    Step 2. Check the Disk permission, if it causes with the sample company file

    If the problem occurs in the sample company file, then you have to check your disk permission. Because fixing the disk permission can make things right.

    • First, you have to open the Disk utility.
    • Then you have to choose the Mac hard drive, after that, you have to click on the disk permission.

    Step 3. User-Level preference file should be deleted

    • First, you have to go to the user account on the Mac.
    • Then open the preference folder
    • Now you have to check the Mac plist file.
    • Now delete that file.

    Note: you have to reset some of the preferences when you launch the QuickBooks next time.

    • If fixing the permission and deleting the plist file doesn’t solve the problem then it can be a corrupted user account.
    • Then in that case you have to make a new user account, then open the QuickBooks which is still logged into the new account.
    • Now you have to open the company file and then start using it. If the behavioral issue is resolved, it means that the user account is corrupted and it can only be fixed by the Mac expert.
    • If the issue is with the list and the report, then in that case you have to fix the damage list.

    Step 4.  Download and run the latest update

    If you want to use the mac 2020 or mac Catalina, then you have to install the QuickBooks update.

    • First, you have to click on the QuickBooks drop-down menu.
    • Then you have to select the check for the QuickBooks update.
    • Now you have to click on the install.
    • When the update will be completed then the QuickBooks will automatically open.

    To back-up your company file

    You have to set up a backup preference

    • First, you have to open the QuickBooks mac software.
    • Now click on the preference
    • Now you have to choose the back-up option.

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    How you can open QuickBooks windows file in QuickBooks mac

    Windows operating system

    • First, you have to open the file which you want to convert in QuickBooks for Windows.
    • After that you have to select the file then utilities and then you have to copy the company file for the QuickBooks mac
    • Now you have to follow the instructions. QuickBooks creates the .qbb file.
    • Now you can copy the .qbb file to a Cd or USB drive.
    • You can also use dropbox to move a file.

    Mac operating system

    • First, you have to copy the .qbb file into the document folder.
    • Now you have to open the company and select the .qbb file and open it
    • Now click on the ok.
    • Now restore the QuickBooks for the windows file
    • Rename the restored file.
    • Then click ok.

    How you can convert the QuickBooks file from windows to mac

    • First, you have to open a data file QuickBooks and choose the file.
    • Then you have to choose the utilities
    • Now you have to copy the company file for QuickBooks mac to convert the file as a .qbb backup file.
    • Now you have to send the .qbb file to the mac by using a USB, CD. etc
    • Now you have to choose the file then open the company and then choose the .qbb file and open it.

    Attributes for mac 2016 R20

    • You will get the tabled windows support.
    • Scheduled report
    • Capability to send-mail.

    Increased from 2016 R6

    • Expense vendor time
    • Horizontal toolbar
    • Trademark on check
    • Share attachment
    • Adjust the display screen font size
    • Page breaks on report

    Increased from 2016 R1

    • You can resize the column on forms
    • Envelops can be directly printed
    • Timesheet can be easily edit 
    • Publish timesheet
    • View the long invoices conclusion 


    In the above article, we have discussed the troubleshoot basics with QuickBooks for Mac. We have tried to resolve the issues which generate on the QuickBooks Mac, but in case you need any help you can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Expert. They will help you and give you the best solutions regarding your concern.

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