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Change Payroll Bank Account in QuickBooks

    Trying to change your payroll bank account in QuickBooks, but unable to complete the process? Don’t worry, everything can be done easily. Today in this article, you can get the complete procedure to change QuickBooks payroll bank account for different payroll services.  

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    How to Change Bank Account for Payroll in QuickBooks

    QuickBooks users are using different payroll services according to their business type, and need to make their work more effective. So here, we have given different procedures for the changing of the payroll bank account in QuickBooks for different services.   

    How to Change Payroll Bank Account in QuickBooks Online 

    There are 6 steps to complete the procedure of bank accounts details changing on the QuickBooks Online payroll service.  

    Step 1: Keep all the Bank Details

    • Keep all the bank details with the online banking user ID, and password, routing number, account number, and etc. (The routing number from deposit slips is not acceptable as bank information.) 
    • Remember your principal officer’s physical address. 

    Step 2: Attach your Bank Account in Chart of Accounts

    Now set up the bank account in the QuickBooks chart of accounts, this process makes you sure that the payroll transactions post to the correct register in QuickBooks.   

    • Go to the ‘Setting’ tab, and select the ‘Chart of Accounts’ option from the subcategory.
    • Create a new account, by clicking on the ‘new’ option.
    • Go to the ‘Account Type’, and select the ‘bank’ option from the list.
    • Then, visit the ‘Detail Type’ dropdown menu, and select the bank account type.
    • Give a name to the new account, and add a description.
    • If you have the plan to add a sub-account then, click the ‘Is sub-account’ option, and enter a parent account.
    • Now set up all the details:   
      • Select a time period, from the ‘When you want to start tracking your finances from this account in QuickBooks’ drop-down menu.
      • If the tracking is new as today then, select ‘today’, and enter the amount in the ‘Balance’ field.
      • And if you started the account on another date, select ‘Other’, and enter the date in the ‘Select a date’ field. Put the amount in the ‘Account Balance’ field.
    • After the complete changes, click the ‘Save and close’ option.  

    Step 3: Review the tax payments & payroll Transactions

    For Pending Tax Payments

    First, check for the pending tax payments. And you can do this by visiting the taxes tab of the QuickBooks from the left menu. From the ‘taxes’ tab, select the ‘Payroll Tax’ option. There you may face two scenarios. Let’s know which steps should be taken for which cases.

    Case 1: If the payments are dated from today’s date then the payment will be taken from the current using bank account.  

    Case 2: And if the payments dated after today’s date then, you may need to contact QuickBooks assistance.  

    For Pending Payroll Transactions

    You can check the pending payroll transactions from the ‘Payroll’ tab. Just go to the tab, select the ‘employees’ option, and click the ‘Paycheck List’. 

    Case1: The amount will be taken from the current using bank account if any paycheck is dated on the business day. 

    Case 2: You may need to delete the transactions if any paycheck is dated 2 days later than the business day. And again add the transaction after the complete setup of the bank account.    

    Step 4: Change Bank Account in QuickBooks Online Payroll Service

    Follow the procedure to change bank account in QuickBooks Online payroll service: 

    • Fill out the required fields in the QuickBooks bank account change form. 
    • After filling out the field, upload the field. QuickBooks will proceed with the request in the next business day.

    Step 5: Verify the Bank Account

    You have submitted your bank account details in the form, now it will take 2-3 days for the complete verifications. There are some mentioned below, which are so important to know about the test transactions. 

    • A test transaction will appear in your bank statement, after the changing of bank account information in 2-3 business days. 
    • The test transaction will be $1.00 from the payroll service.
    • You can verify the amount by calling your bank, or by checking your bank statement. 
    • Ensure that the test transaction is cleared otherwise, the bank verification will fail. 

    Now follow the below procedure to verify the new bank account:

    Procedure to Verify New Bank Account
    • After verifying the test transaction is cleared in the bank statement, sign in to QuickBooks Online.
    • Go for the ‘Payroll’ tab, and select the ‘Overview’ option.
    • Then go to the ‘TO DO’ list, and click on the ‘Check your bank account’ option then the ‘Edit’ option.
    • Click the ‘Verify amount’ option, and put the amount of test transaction in both fields.
    • At last, click the ‘Verify’ option. 

    Step 6: Set Up the Bank Account in Accounting Preferences  

    Almost you have completed the procedure. Now you need to change your bank account in accounting preferences.  

    • Go to the ‘Settings’ tab, and select the ‘Payroll Settings’ option from the list.
    • Visit the ‘Paycheck and payroll tax payments’ option then the ‘Edit’ option.
    • Select the account (bank Account drop-down) that you have set up in the ‘Chart of Accounts’ in the 2nd step.
    • Click the ‘Continue’ option, and click the ‘Done’ option for double time.   

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    How to Change Payroll Bank Account in QuickBooks Desktop 

    Follow the six steps to change the bank account details in QuickBooks Desktop payroll.  

    Step 1: Collect all the Important, Bank Account Details

    First, collect all the necessary bank information, and keep the below two points 

    • Keep all the bank information, like name, account number, routing number, and etc.
    • And also keep the PIN of payroll.

    Step 2: Attach the Bank account to the Chart of Accounts

    • Select the ‘Chart of Accounts’ from the ‘Accounts’ tab.
    • Then, click the ‘Bank’ option, and ‘Continue’ it.
    • Now put the bank account details, and click the ‘Save and close’ option.

    Step 3: Verify the Pending Tax Payments & the Payroll Transactions

    This step will confirm you for the pending tax payments and the payroll transaction. 

    For Pending Tax Payments
    • Go to the ‘Employes’ tab, and select the ‘Payroll center’ option.
    • Then select the ‘Pay Liabilities’ option from the list.
    For Pending Payroll Transactions
    • Select the ‘E-Payments’ tab, and then the ‘payroll Center’ option. 
    • View the pending payroll transaction from the ‘payroll tab’. 

    Step 4: Change Bank Account in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Service

    Now it’s time to update the bank details in the account management portal. 

    How to Change the Bank Account in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Plans 

    The QuickBooks Desktop payroll plans include the plans of Basic, Standard, and Enhanced. So you can follow the procedure for all the mentioned plans. 

    • Go to the ‘Employees’ tab, then select the ‘My Payroll service’ option. 
    • After that, select the ‘Accounts/Billing Information’ option.
    • Login to your Intuit account, and edit the direct deposit bank account from the ‘payroll Info’ section.
    • Put the payroll PIN, and click the ‘Continue’ option.
    • Now, enter the new details of the bank account, and click the ‘Update’ option.
    • A confirmation message will appear on your screen, just close it.
    How to Change the Bank Account in QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted  
    • Visit to the ‘Employees’ tab, and select the ‘My Payroll Service’ option, ‘Billing/Bank Information’ to get into the payroll service account maintenance pages. 
    • Edit the bank account under the ‘Bank Account Information’.  
    • Put the ‘Payroll’ PIN, and continue.
    • Enter the new bank account detail, and select the ‘Update’ option.
    • After getting the confirmation message close it.   

    Step 5: Verify the Bank Account

    QuickBooks will take 2-3 days to test transactions of the new account. You can view the transaction details with 3 days, and make sure that the amount always less than $1.00 from the Intuit payroll Service. You will get the refund of the test transaction amount in 3-5 days.

    In QuickBooks Desktop Basic, Standard, Enhanced Payroll
    • Open QuickBooks Desktop, and visit for the ‘Employees’ tab.
    • Select the ‘My payroll Service’ option and the ‘Account/Billing Information’ option. 
    • Login to the payroll by using the Intuit account credential.
    • Visit the ‘Payroll Information’ section, and verify it. 
    • Put the payroll PIN, and confirm it. 
    • Now submit it. 
    • You will get a confirmation message that ‘Your bank account is verified’, here click the ‘Return to QuickBooks’ option. 
    In QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll   
    • Follow the above initial three steps of the above procedure.
    • Select the ‘Verify’ option from the ‘Bank Account information. 
    • Put the 2 transactions amount from the bank statement in two different fields. Confirm the payroll PIN, and submit it.
    • Select the ‘Return to QuickBooks’ option, after receiving the verification message.  

    Step 6: Change the Default Bank Account in Preferences

    Follow the procedures according to your QuickBooks desktop payroll service plan to change the default bank account in preferences. This process, ensure that the payroll transactions, and tax payments to the correct account in books. 

    • Visit the ‘Employees’ tab, and select the ‘Send Payroll Data’ option from the list.
    • Now, select the ‘Preferences’ option from the ‘Send/Receive data’ window.
    • Click ‘Ok’ to save all the changes.
    • A ‘Send/Recieve Data’ window will appear on your screen, close it.     
    Change Default bank Account for Liability Check
    • Select the ‘Employees’ tab from the QuickBooks, and click the ‘Send payroll Data’ option. 
    • Open the payroll service accounts window, from the ‘Preferences’ tab. 
    • And select the new ban account from the ‘Pay Payroll Liabilities with’ drop-down menu.
    • Click ‘Ok’, if you confirmed the new bank account.
    • Choose the Send option, and enter the payroll PIN.  

    Cover Up

    This was the complete procedure to change the payroll bank account in QuickBooks Desktop payroll, and QuickBooks Online payroll. This process is very important so, don’t try to skip some steps from the process. We have tried our best to provide the exact solution to change the bank account that attaches to the payroll services. Hope, you like it, now you have the confidence to change the payroll bank account in QuickBooks. Further, if you need help with this then you can get help from our QuickBooks ProAdvisor for instant response.  

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