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QuickBooks Point Of Sale Errors

    Every QuickBooks user uses the QuickBooks POS to encrypt the customer’s data, and to make the credit card processing easy, and fast. But all time doesn’t go the same, and we face different types of errors in different forms and different ways. In this case, it is necessary to fix QuickBook’s point of sale errors by observing its reasons.

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    This article pertains to the errors that appear majorly when using QuickBooks POS. We have compiled all the valuable information on all the error variants for you to get a better understanding without much hassle. We will begin with the overview of QuickBooks Point of Sale so that the new users can?

    The QuickBooks Point of Sale is a sale system from the retail point of view that proposes customer management and inventory tools, panning merchandise, and a POS that is tablet-compatible to its users. It is suitable for variant small businesses such as small franchises, clothing, food, etcetera. 

    POS administrates standard features such as real-time inventory tracking that helps to reduce the cost and have a look at what you do and do not require, pulling instant sales reports, enabling you to see the productivity of your employees, and more. 

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    Variations of QuickBooks Point Of Sale Error & It’s Solution

    Now that we are aware of what Point of Sale is, we will now look at some of its common errors. Following is a list of some of the major ones. 

    QuickBooks POS Error 100

    The POS error 100 occurs due to the possibility of the Database Manager not running or the minimum requirements are not being met by your system.

    Solution: Run the QBPOS Database Manager Service

    • First, press the Window key + R on your keyboard.
    • A Run window will pop-up on the screen along with a text box. 
    • Then, type the Services.msc command and hit Enter of select Ok.
    • A list will open up containing all the services in the Services window.
    • Now, look for QBPOS Database Manager Service and then right-click on it,
    • Click on Restart. If you do not see Restart, click on Start.
    • Restart the Windows System.
    • Finally, run the QuickBooks POS application.

    QuickBooks Point of Sale 176109

    QuickBooks Error 176109 or also termed as QuickBooks Point of Sale invalid product number occurs due to an invalid product or number code. When you open the QuickBooks Point of Sale, an error message appears that states that the key authentication files are missing or corrupted. 

    QuickBooks requires permission to read and write files without interruption and if it does not get that permission, then the QuickBooks POS error 100 is likely to happen. 

    Solution 1- Rename the WS Activity File

    • First, by using windows explorer, follow the C:\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX\Ini pathway.
    • Then, right-click on the WS Activity.
    • Click on Rename.
    • Now, enter OLD WS Activity and click anywhere in order to Save.
    • Close the windows.
    • Next, delete the entitlement folder.
    • Restart the QuickBooks Point of Sale.

    Solution 2- Delete Entitlement Client Folder Contents 

    • First, by using windows explorer, follow the C:\Program Data\Intuit\Entitlement Client\v8 pathway.
    • Then, select all the files with the Ctrl + A command. 
    • Click on Delete.
    • Next, click on Yes in order to confirm the action. 
    • Finally, open the QuickBooks POS and re-register. 

    Solution 3- A Clean Installation Of QB POS

    Uninstall the QuickBooks POS 
    • First, go to the Control Panel.
    • Then, select Program and Features. 
    • In the list, select QuickBooks Point of Sale.
    • Select uninstall and follow the on-screen prompts.
    Rename the POS Folder
    • At the end of each folder, add OLD. This will prevent QuickBooks to recognize the folder.
    Again Re-installation the POS
    • Perform the re-installation of the Point of Sale. 
    Restore The File

    QuickBooks Error 17603

    This error takes place when you attempt to validate the QuickBooks for the Point of Sale Desktop License.  It may occur due to various reasons such as entering the wrong validation code, incorrect license number, or incorrect computer system date. 

    Solution 1: Verify the Validation Code

    Verify if the validation code that is used is correct and has been entered without spaces. 

    Solution 2: Hide the Protected Operating File

    • First, go to the windows ‘Start’ button. Right-click and select Open Windows Explorer.
    • Then, select Organize and select Folder and Search options. 
    • Now, click on View Tab.
    • Next, select Show hidden file and folders.
    • Click to un-mark the checkbox for Hide-protected operating files.
    • When the warning message prompts, select Yes and then Ok. 

    Error Code 175305: Storage Exchange Error 

    This issue pertains to when the Windows Firewall interferes with the store exchange process or when you are not logged in as an administrator in Microsoft Windows.    

    Solution to Fix 175305 Error in QuickBooks

    • First, go to the File menu.
    • Then, select Preferences and click on Company. 
    • Select multi-store and then Store Exchange. 
    • Keep a note of the present preference.
    • For each store, shoes Not Used, and click Save.
    • Next, go to File>Company Preferences>Multistore>Store Exchange. 
    • Now, you have to re-enter the original preferences of the company for every store’s communication method. And, click Save. 
    • Do another Store Exchange cycle. (Store>Send File)

    QuickBooks Point Of Sale Not Responding 

    This error may take place due to many reasons. One of its prominent reason is that the QB POS software lacks permission from the Windows admin. In order to fix this, you need to run QBPOSAdminUtility at its installed location on your computer.

    Solution: Run Utility on your System

    • First, download Utility on your computer location. It will be required from you to download the utility on the server as well as all client workstations.  
    • Then, go to the location of the QBPOSAdminUtility.exe file. Right-click on it.
    • Next, choose the Run as administrator option. 
    • Select OK in order to complete the process when Utility runs and then finish successfully. 

    Server Connecting QuickBooks Point of Sale WorkStation to Data File

    Sometimes, there may be a problem with the server connection that can be easily resolved by rebooting the client system. 

    Solution: Reboot the Client System

    • First, switch off the QB POS workstation. 
    • Then, reboot the server. You have to wait for some time after doing that. 
    • Once the reboot completes, reboot the client workstation. 
    • Now, start the QuickBooks POS on the client workstation. It should connect to the database file of QB POS on the server automatically. 

    QuickBooks POS Installation Error For Different Releases 

    When you try to upgrade from POS 12.0 R1 to R4 and open the company data file, there will be a longer delay than normal. 

    It happens the first time when the file open opened after installing R4 or a consequent after R4 from the R1.

    Solution: Upgrade the Workstation

    Note: Before you begin with the solution, keep in mind that the available disk space on the C Drive should be thrice the size of the company data file. 

    •  First, upgrade all workstations to the R4 release. This will avert the connectivity issue or store exchange processes. 
    • Do not cancel the update once it starts. Allow the upgrade of the database to complete before you begin using POS. 

    Final Note

    With the information provided in the article, we hope you were able to understand and learn about the different errors and how to solve them. However, if you still have any questions, contact our customer support through our toll-free number. Our QuickBooks experts or ProAdvisor will guide you through everything. Also, you may acquire any queries related to QuickBooks.  

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