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Microsoft Outlook e-mail Integration with QuickBooks (quickbooks outlook integration)

QuickBooks is widely known for its accounting software in the world. But why it’s popular among most of the small and mid-sized businesses. Because it has various add-on services that help the business grow quickly. Some of them are Quickbooks payroll services, PayPal, Keela and Microsoft office, etc. However, most Quickbooks user tries to use Microsoft outlook with Quickbooks but they don’t know how to do Quickbooks outlook integration.

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Before Quickbooks integration with outlook. We have to install the Quickbooks contact synchronize tool. Because once you have installed this tool then it will be easy for you to manage your contacts. Hence in order to integrate Quickbooks with outlook. First, we need to understand what is Microsoft outlook. So let’s see discuss it…

Introduction to Microsoft Outlook

So if you want to understand what is Microsoft outlook. Then you have to see your mobile first. As your mobile has a contact app to manage your contact. whether it’s for adding a new contact or deleting a contact from the contact list. Actually, we mean to say, your mobile provides you the facility for note-making calendar viewing and task manager, etc.

Similarly, Microsoft Outlook provides you with all of these features to make your life easier. It is best for sending and receiving emails over the internet. And Microsoft outlooks are very similar to the Gmail service provider which provides the best free cloud storage for you.

Fundamental features of outlook

  • Bill payment reminder
  • Meeting and RSVP Tracking and Forwarding
  • Suggestion for meeting rooms and event location
  • Various time zones
  • Proxy Supportability
  • Able to provide you organization directory details
  • BCC Warning option
  • Email Communication
  • Video calling and meeting

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Benefits of Microsoft Outlook Integration With QuickBooks

As you know in business email and clients are the most important things. And Microsoft Outlook is an electronic mail application suite from Microsoft for e-mail and client management systems. Microsoft Outlook does not only provide an email exchange service, but it also provides video calling so that you can take an online meeting. Hence most Quickbooks users around the world want to do Quickbooks integration with outlook. So let’s see why it gets huge popularity amongst the Quickbooks user.

  • Email Attachment Reminder
  • Quicker email Processing
  • Altered Contacts
  • Social Connectivity
  • Customized Calendars
  • Monitoring characteristic
  • Inbox easy Up device
  • Ribbons & Navigation Bar
  • Shortcuts Hotkeys
  • Email communication
  • Manipulate regulations and alerts
  • Support Microsoft change Server
  • Ribbons & Navigation Bar
  • Free Import Export Facility for document
  • Work Offline

Contact the QuickBooks online guide group for greater element facts approximately Microsoft Outlook Integration With QuickBooks.


  • It’s a lot greater than electronic mail in large corporations the calendar features are probably extra critical than email.


  • There is no holiday feature in the Outlook calendar.
  • Microsoft task management work is a very basic job but still, it’s hard to use.
  • As you have used MS office where you can customize its dashboard like hiding and show ruler and word formatting etc. But in outlook, you cant customize its dashboard like if you want to bring calendar front of the dashboard then it’s not possible.
  • The calendar does not provide the facility of booking a meeting on the calendar. And it has not provided any support on the calendar to book a meeting.

Steps for Quickbooks outlook integration

There are several users are available who want to integrate Quickbooks with outlook. But because of the lack of knowledge about how to do Quickbooks outlook integration. They are not able to do this hence if you are one of them then follow the below steps to integrate Quickbooks with Outlook.

How To Download & Install QB contact sync tool to Quickbooks integration with Outlook

Observe the given Steps:

  • First of all, you need to specify the correct email address for QuickBooks registration
  • Now you have to click on the continue button
  • Now a file appear for downloading named “QuickbooksContactsync.exe” you have to save in your computer
  • After saving this file double click on it
  • Follow the given instruction and click on the Next button
  • In order to successfully installation, you will need to accept term and condition
  • After completion of the installation process, you have to click on Get started tab.
  • Finally, you have installed the software and click on finish button

Quickbooks Outlook Integration in MAC Operating system

We know that most QuickBooks users are using MAC operating system. Hence the above steps are not useful for QuickBooks outlook integration. So we have given the below steps that will help you to do Quickbooks integration with Outlook.

  • First, you need to go to edit tab
  • Then select preferences
  • After that click on send forms
  • Now you will see three email services email, webmail, and outlook and if you didn’t see these options. Then follow the below steps
  • If you didn’t see email services then go to the c:\windows\win.ini
  • Open the file exist at this location and add this text([MAIL], MAPI=1, MAPIX=1)
  • After then you have to open registry editor & key
  • Then add the following text([HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\MAIL] String Value: “MAPIX”=”1]) that’s it.


So, readers, we hope you will now able to do Quickbook outlook integration. So furthermore if you want to read a more helpful article like how to use Quickbooks file doctor. Then follow our website to get more informatic knowledge regarding Quickbooks online accountant and software.

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