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Intuit Field Service Management Support and Integration with QuickBooks

    Intuit Field Service Management is a web-based or online application. It is a field of service management software that offers different types of functions like scheduling, billing, and invoicing. IFSM is also available for mobiles so that it can be used anywhere. IFSM is only available for Android and IOS devices.

    Intuit Field Service Management
    Intuit Field Service Management

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    Intuit Field Service Management integrates with the QuickBooks

    • Order management works smartly
    • Inventory Integration
    • Timecard Integration
    • History of customer and equipment service
    • Job scheduling efficiently
    • Real-time update from the field
    • Capture the payments and signature, and create the email invoices in mobile
    • Mobile GPS can be used for location tracking and mapping
    • Payroll and invoices integrate with QuickBooks

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    Important things to be remembered before connecting the QuickBooks to IFSM

    Dealing with the customer

    There are two types of customers to whom you have to deal with, they are residential or commercial. In IFSM the residential customer doesn’t have any field for the company and the commercial customer has the field for the company. Before importing the customer you have to change the customer type because, after that, you cannot do any changes in the customer type.

    Synchronization error

    If there is an error related to the billing and shipping address, then the synchronization will not be complete. It means that until the error will not be resolved the customer can not synchronize to IFSM. There you will receive the message that the record does not synchronize. After that, you can resolve the record.

    Multiple office locations

    For the multiple work locations, you have to contact the support team member. The setup has to be completed correctly. Because you don’t have any other alternative. You can take the help of local support.

    Intuit Field Service Management from the QuickBooks field

    IFSM receives the information from the QuickBooks field. The fields are Bill To and the Ship-To. In some cases, both entries are the same. At that time you have to fill both the entries in both the fields. If the Ship-To field is left, then there will not be any address in IFSM for those customers.

    Some of the features of the Intuit Field Service Management

    The features of the Intuit Field Service Management are:

    Invoicing and the Billing

    The invoicing features in the Intuit Field Service Management are organized by work order. To see the basic information of the clients, you have to click on an invoice.

    Database of the customer

    It is organized very much similar to the work order database. You can find the customer arranged by name, address, city, and work zone. It will allow you to view the information of the client only once.

    Mobile application

    The Intuit Field Service Management is available for both IOS as well as Android devices. You can manage the Intuit services through mobiles from anywhere, you can manage the payments and the work from any place.   

    Management of the Work order

    The Intuit Field Service manages the work order list view and displays the company work order in a simple Row and Column spreadsheet. It shows the work order number, address technician assigned to the customer.


    Routing is one of the features of Intuit Field Service, it works similar to the Google Map on your mobile. It shows the direction to the technician and provides the best possible route to take a job. 

    Scheduling and dispatching

    Intuit Field Service dispatch board shows you daily scheduling divided into the Rows, by the technician. It also provides you with drag-and-drop appointments.

    Common issues faced by the customers in IFMS

    • The most common issue faced by the customers is the Login issue with the IFSM.
    • Installation issues with the IFMS
    • Configuration issues with the IFMS
    • Customized training service issues
    • Cancelation of the IFSM subscription

    Option based on pricing

    TIME CARD MODULES$13.33/M11-40
    TIME CARD MODULES$12.08/M41-101
    SERVICE AGREEMENT$113.33/M11-40
    SERVICE AGREEMENT$12.08/M41-101

    Main services of Intuit Field Service Management 

    We have discussed some of the main services of IFSM below.

    • In a few time periods multiple works can be done: With the help of cloud technology paperwork has been shifted to paperless work. You can work from anywhere with the help of your smartphone and tablet devices. The users have transferred their work to QuickBooks software. It helps the user time cost, travel cost, and the paperwork.
    • The payment service is faster: The payment can be done faster, you just need to create your invoice, then take COD and process payment immediately, after that synchronize in QuickBooks.
    • Payroll is better: With the help of QuickBooks software, you can record the worker’s time when they are working or not in the field. Due to this technician, you can focus on the billable work instead of paperwork.
    • Expand business: Agreements can be renewed or sold at the time of service, in the field. On the basis of the location and skill of the technician, work orders are auto-created and assigned. To make a slower time profitable, you can proactively schedule and prepare preventive maintenance visits.
    • Invoice numbering: During the synchronization setting, you have to pay attention to the numbering of invoices and how they will appear in QuickBooks Online.
    • If you choose the option at the time of configuration “if the invoices are copied using QuickBooks numbering”. Then in the QuickBooks invoice will be the next invoice.
    • When you choose the option “if the invoices are copied and use the service management numbering” then the invoice is synchronized from the IFSM. But you have to make sure that there is no different number format and any manually created invoices in QuickBooks.
    • If the invoice number already exists in QuickBooks. In that case, the invoice is overwritten by the new invoice.
    • The user has to pay attention before migrating the QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online. Because both of them are having different database structures.

    Steps to save the QuickBooks data while migrating 

    • First, you have to prepare and improve invoices in IFSM.
    • After that open QuickBooks and then run IFSM sync.
    • QuickBooks company file or clean-up.
    • You have to make a new customer i.e. not exist in the QuickBooks inactive and if it is needed, and then update the active customer information.
    • First, you have to make inactive all the non-inventory service, and inventory. Listed them in QuickBooks.
    • You have to run the sync to update the customer IFSM and remove the FSM items. If you find any problem contact our experts.
    • You have to choose the FSM setting and then select the financial and then you have to select the price list under every category and make sure that no items are left. You can manage the category of QuickBooks as per your need.
    • Make the backup of QuickBooks before migrating it.
    • You have to make sure that you have not made any changes in the FSM subscription or in the QuickBooks company file until you have moved successfully.
    • After that, you have to log in to your new QuickBooks account and then follow the steps to upload the data to the QuickBooks Online account.
    • When you have successfully uploaded the data, then login back to your IFSM and then click on the setting then the company, and then integration from the desktop to online.
    •  After that, you have to follow the prompt displays on the screen to connect the IFSM with QuickBooks online. Now you can complete the first-time sync with QuickBooks online.
    • After the completion, you can use both QuickBooks online and IFSM live

    Now you can enjoy QuickBooks online with the better result of IFSM.


    In the above article, we have discussed the Intuit Field Service Management supports and the integration with the QuickBook. But in case you find any problem you can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Expert. They will help you and provide you with the best solution regarding your concern.

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