How to use QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery Application

(Last Updated On: November 20, 2019)

Beginning in 2010 Intuit started executing Auto Data Recovery, an element intended to take into account the recuperation of harmed QuickBooks documents. It was first offered in Premier and afterward added to Enterprise in 2012. The element utilizes two unmistakable Sybase innovations, ‘auto replication’ which makes a copy of your QuickBooks Company document and the QuickBooks Transaction Log file and ‘auto recuperation’. Intuit planned their Quickbooks Auto Data Recovery highlight to help recuperate your QuickBooks information in one of two different ways:

  • Reproduce lost exchanges utilizing the current QuickBooks Transaction Log file and a past duplicate of the QuickBooks Company document.
  • Reproduce everything except the most recent couple of long periods of exchanges with a duplicate of both the QuickBooks Company document and of the QuickBooks Transaction Log file.

QuickBooks auto-recovery data work faster

Quickbooks data transfer upgrade is a few critical steps. During the data migration or transfer process, data becomes vulnerable to several adversities, such as data loss, damage or corruption, and occurs an immediate need to recover the lost data.
There is some reason when data damage these reasons include network error, lost connection, etc. To recover lost data their is essay option of QuickBooks auto-recovery is a technology which is based on two processes when the bug and error take place.

  • The first phase of the recovery process- It is generated and make a duplicate version of a .file is called QuickBooks company file.
  • The second phase of the recovery process- It goes for a recovery mode and also auto recovery mode.QuickBooks transaction log is saved from going to corrupt.

Restore Quickbooks auto data recovery folder backup

This is the QuickBooks Auto data recovery folder which works as a backup for yours.QuickBooks will run several tests on your company file every time you open it and in time cycles, with the idea of keeping updated the data. however, this folder was not working as a support for all the you must be aware of that, and make a different backup for the information you do have in your company file.

Uses of QuickBooks Auto data recovery features for QuickBooks

You do not have to make backup .it is the purpose to provide a good and clean backup file without any operator interaction. Intuit technical support is a feature that was being present to end users. Intuit has published details on how to restore the will replace the original QBW with the ADR copy, and match with ADR TLG file. the TLG file contains all transaction that has been entered the copy and you can open the ADR copy, QuickBooks will have two ways work.

  • It restores lost data, with the help of the current log file for the transaction.
  • It uses the copies of the two files to recover all the transaction stored the last few hours.

Primary transaction to recovering lost data steps

The following steps to restore the primary transaction to recovering lost data with the help of QuickBooks Auto recovering data features.

  • Open the desktop and create a new folder name save it “QB Test”.
  • Search the location of company file press the number 1 and control key at the same time or just the F2key.
  • At the last, you have found the company files or folder, look for the tag file that has the same name as your company file does.

Step to find the file which can not find

  • Click Windows+E.
  • Open the explorer file, where you have to click “organize and then “option.
  • Hide Extensions for known file types option that is available.
  • Apply the changes that you made and then press the “OK” button.

When you have found the file that has been mentioned .we start the procedure with these flowing step the QuickBooks auto data recovery process:

  • Select and copy the .tlg file then paste it in the new folder which Named “QB Test”.
  • Return to the folder that contains the company file and click on the folder name QuickBooks Auto Data recovery.
  • Copy it version of file company that has the ADR extension, and paste it into the folder
    After it Rename.QBW.ADR file and to just.QBW.
  • Enter on the QB application to open the company file that you saved in the QB test folder.
    click “File” and then “Utilities”.
  • Enter on the “Verify Data” option and check if completes the copy is safe, simply move the other company file which was damaged and unrelated location and replace it newly created then copy and checked it.

 Restore QuickBooks backup file and transaction file-to restore Data steps

This is another method for recovering data, which uses the QBW ADR as well as the TLG file .steps are given below :

  • Firstly click on the right side create the new folder which saves with the name “QB Test”.
  • Open your company file location folder and look at the “QuickBooks auto-recovery data” folder. You can find it by the f2 and Click+1 Keys.
  • Find the QBW.adr and TLG.adr files.
  • Copy and paste it two files into the desktop folder name QB test. Rename as two-QBW and TLG.adr file to TLG. Open your QB application then section on the menu-bar.

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