QuickBooks File Extension ( The File Type of QB in Windows & Mac)

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QuickBooks has its specific formats for its different functions, which makes the users easy to identify that, which file contains which data. If you want to get a broad idea about the QuickBooks file type then this blog must be a informative source for you. Today in this article, we are going to know about the different types of file types in QuickBooks Desktop, and different functions of QuickBooks file extensions.

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QuickBooks File Extensions Overview

Ingredient of QuickBooks File Extension

QuickBooks Files are used in the purpose of storing data and each of them has its own importance. each type of file assigns a different QuickBooks Files. The different presentation of QuickBooks has specific file extensions as shared above.  Special forms of data are stored inside different folders. A group of QuickBooks File Contains three forms. However, the numbers may be different in some cases. This post will discuss the various types of File Extensions.

Significance of File Extensions

A various small business uses QuickBooks for easy management of different tasks like maintaining books of accounts, create reports and invoices, filing tax returns, keeping tabs on merchandise, managing staff payroll and much more. QuickBooks are a multi-featured tool it can manage all the data when you need it.

The Exclusive QuickBooks File Platform serves a different important purpose that is shared as follows.

  • Help the user to identify the content inside a particular file.
  • File extensions make searching much easier.
  • It enables the user to find identify files and their contents with the help of formats.
  • File Extension in QuickBooks Desktop provides a simple method of keeping files together.
  • Maintain File Security.

Connectivity Factors in File Extension

QuickBooks Joiner provides the components of easy to use for QuickBooks Facilities tasks like as adding, updating, development, seller information, and employee information, transaction, etc. QuickBooks joiner helps you to access QuickBooks remotely with include QuickBooks attach component or free remote connector for QuickBooks Utility.

  • Connect to QuickBooks remotely
  • Active Webstore
  • Expendable and uniform design
  • Fully Integrated Components
  • Fast Performance
  • Extensive Solution

Features of File Extension in QuickBooks Desktop

  • Connection with safe and secure with remote connector for QuickBooks Digital Certificates and SSL.
  • Components that are easy to use greatly reduce the code required to work with common QuickBooks.
  • Move QuickBooks Information directly to a database.
  • Strong, Fast, Reliable- consume resources.
  • Basic development component support component technologies and platform.
  • Documentation sample, Fully indexed files and a general online knowledge base.
  • Support for multi-level professional support, including free email support and enterprise-level payment.

What Types of File Extensions used in QuickBooks Desktop

Here are some common file types and extensions you may see in QuickBooks Desktop for Windows or Mac.

QuickBooks Windows File Extensions

Here we have described all the QuickBooks file extensions for Windows in different sections. Look over all the extensions type, and the details to know all about the function of extension.

The Common QuickBooks Files Extensions

File ExtensionFile TypeFunction of the File
QBWQuickBooks for Windows company fileThis file extension is used for the primary file of QuickBooks. It contains all the account details, and all the QuickBooks company files details with the form of .qbw.
QBMQuickBooks Portable FileThis database compares indexing stores. The file is useful for transferring a data file via the Internet because the data size is smaller than any other file type. And This file is smaller than a QBW and QBB file.
The .qbm file extension is used when a you create a compressed version of the company file, and move a company file.
QBBQuickBooks Backup File.qbb extension is the file of back up, it used when a user create a backup file of the QuickBooks company.
QBOQuickBooks Bank Statement FileThis extension used, while you download any transaction from the bank. And it is known as Web Connect online banking download file. This appear in the form of .qbo file extension.

The Utility & Log Files of QuickBooks

File ExtensionFile TypeFunction of the File
IIFIntuit Interchange Format fileQuickBooks will create the .iif file when, export your list details of QuickBooks. QuickBooks allows you to share the IIF file with other company files.
QBPQuickBooks Print fileThis .bp file extension type used when you set your printing preferences in QuickBooks.
TLGTransaction Log fileThe .tlg file extension is the trcaking detail file of transactions.
LOGEvent Log FileAll the important event of QuickBooks stored in the .log extension file. .olg file is of two types; one is Qbwin.log, which keeps the records issues found during a rebuild.
And the another is, QWC.log, which records the web connect errors.
ECMLEntitlement FileQuickBooks create .ecml file, when you install or register in QuickBooks. This file help us to identify that, which QuickBooks product is licensed.
NDNetwork Data FileQuickBooks create this .nd extension file when you start using the ,multi-usr mode.

The Statement Writer Files Extension of QuickBooks

File ExtensionFunction of the File
QSTThis file exist, when a QucikBooks user need a specific layout, and allows you to use the template file which is already available.
QSSQuickBooks will save your statements in the .qss extension file, if you customize your statements, and reports with QuickBooks statement.
QSMQuickBooks will save your detailsin the .qsm file, if you use the QuickBooks statement writer.

The Accountant File in QuickBooks

File ExtensionFile TypeFunction of the File
QBXAccountant’s Review Copy or the or Transfer fileQuickBooks save the file in the form of .qbx, when you make a back up of company file for accountant.
QBJGeneral Journal Entries fileThe file of general journal entries of accountant will be saved in the form of .qbj extension.
QBAAccountant’s Copy fileWhen a client send a file for review to the accuntant, it stored in the form of .qba extension.
QBYAccountant’s Copy Import fileWhenever an accountant review a file, and make some changes in it, then it save in th e form of .qby file.

The Additional Files of QuickBooks

File ExtensionFile TypeFunction of the File
DESLayout Designer Template fileIf you customized a form of template, and eport it then, it will save in the form of .des extension.
qbstbl2.usaUS Tax Table fileIt is very important, if you want to get the current tax tables, during the time of running payroll in QuickBooks Dsktop.
QBRQuickBooks Report Template fileQuickBooks will create this file, when you create a memorized template report.

QuickBooks Mac File Extensions

QuickBooks for Mac, you can use the following QuickBooks file extensions

Files ExtensionTypes of FileFile Function
QB2016Company fileQuickBooks 2016 for Mac Company data file.
QB2019Company fileThis is your company file for the 2019 version of QuickBooks for Mac.
QBBBackup fileYou can use a MAC.QBB file to move your Mac file over to QB Desktop for Windows.
QBMBApple disk image fileQB for Mac Disk Backup File. This is for QuickBooks for Mac 2012 and earlier.
DMGApple property list filesQuickBooks for Mac 2013 and later use Apple Disk Image to create backups.
PlistChoice files that store registrations and set any priority in QuickBooks.

Extension for Fixed Asset Manager Files

File TypeFunction of Files
Fx0Compressed FAM data file. Stores asset data
FX1Store System Data
Mx0header file
FPxStore File Data
FXRFAM Backup Sync Log File
FIMStores import CSV data headers

The End Line

So this was the full information of different types of file extension in QuickBooks. We hope this article will be very benficail for you, and now you have the idea that, which extension is used for which function. Still, if you want to know more about it then you can get support of our QuickBooks Proadvisor. They are always avilable to solve your any kind of issues regarding QuickBooks in a short time.

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