QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021: What’s New in It

Last Updated on October 8, 2020 by Editorial Staff

Now every QuickBooks user will do well in their business with the new edition of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Because in recent, Intuit has launched the new edition for all entrepreneurs, and that is QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021. If you was also waiting for the new edition of QuickBooks Enterprise then, obviously this blog will be a great source for you to get all the information regarding the new version.

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Today, in this blog, you will know, what’s new in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021 or 21.O. So let’s start the blog, without wasting any time.

As we all know that, QuickBooks desktop enterprise is the desired Accounting/ERP system for growing small to medium-sized businesses that demand more potential than what QuickBooks desktop pro, superior, and QuickBooks online can offer for maximum start-united states of America and small businesses. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world is now in a critical situation, overally the economic stage of the world is going down day by day. So in this situation QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 can play a big role for you, no matter which businessmen you are (Retail, Accounts, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Distributor, Contractor, and etc.). Now let’s know, what’s new in it?:

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021

Here we have given all the details to know the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021 closely, just read it:

Features of QuickBooks Enterprise 2021

Here we have divided the features of QuickBooks enterprise in three section to make you easy to understand, have a look:

Most Used Feature of the New Version of QuickBooks Enterprise

Industry Solutions

It has some specialized features for all industry, see the below list, you can all things.

  • For Manufacturer, and wholesaler: The wholesaler or the distributor can fulfill the order, advanced inventory, bar code, pack, and ship.
  • For Contractors: Now you can track job costs across the construction projects to manage the cash flow in a better way, You can improve the accuracy of your estimates.
  • For Professional Service: You can view clients and expenses in a single screen for perfect project management, and can customize bill rates, and report.

Access Anywhere

  • By using the enterprise hosting you can access it remotely, and can store your data in cloud to make your access easy for multiple location.
  • Just allow the warehouse manager, accountant, access remote employees access on any device.

Flexible Reporting

  • Now get all the detail of your business, and build your business in a proper way.
  • Create a powerful report by the custom fields, editable columns, and rows, filter, and etc.
  • And also can built more than 200 built-in reports, with 70 industry specific reports.

Customize User Permission

  • You need not worry for your file, or data because, now you can customize the user permission according to your choice. So that the report or the file be in the right hand.
  • Can control the users whom you have gave the access.
  • Not only that, but also, you can grant the permission according the role of the, and can access the user for a specific data.

Pay Employees

  • The payroll feature of QuickBooks Desktop enterprise 2021 make its unique from others.
  • Handle the payroll ta payment, issue paychecks in just 3 minutes or less, set up tax reminder, and save the time by having new employees enter their own personal, banking, and ta details.

Job Costing

  • Now identify cost-to-complete easily, and keep jobs profitable.
  • To make the time tracking easy get the facility of ‘Integrates with TSheets Elite’, and relocated the labor, overhead, and material easily.

Manage Inventory

  • Managing of inventory is an important part to manage the account section, and it can be easy with the QuickBooks enterprise.
  • You can track inventory items, automate the business and reduce data entry errors with mobile barcode scanning, can include sales prices on the barcode.

Take Payments

  • Now get the paid faster than the old version, and update automatically for the books.
  • Accept debit card, ACH transfer,and credit card with QuickBooks payments.
  • Can easily see your cash flow, by integrating your payment and accounting solutions.

Mobile Time Tracking

  • Create employee schedules by jobs or shifts, and use the mobile app to create an account on timesheets.
  • You can save up to 6% on payroll costs with the exact time tracking, and can assign jobs, track progress easily.

Automate Pricing

  • Customize, control, and automate your pricing by the features of ‘Advanced Pricing’.
  • And apply multiple rules at the time of transaction easily.
  • Set manufacturer markdowns, quantity discounts, and rules for high-value customers.

Improved Features of QuickBooks Enterprise New Edition

Here are the new improved features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021, read it carefully, and go for the enterprise.

Data Level Permission

It is the very important, and useful update of QuickBooks enterprise. Through this feature you can easily customize the user access to edit, view, or delete a particular group of vendors, and customers. Also can customize the security, can give limit access for the specific data, they are responsible for.

Batch Delete Sales Order

Now batch delete sales orders to manage your client files more effective. And delete or void in batch with checks bills, invoices, now sales orders, and etc.

Barcode Level Prices

It is the most brilliant feature of the QuickBooks Enterprise. Now just include the sales price on the printed bar code labels to add the item name, and description in QuickBooks automatically. The greater pricing visibility makes it amazing.

Alternate Vendor Reports

Through this feature, you can get the vendor details including the vendor contact, pricing data, and can make more informed purchasing decisions. And it makes easy to create purchase order with vendor details automatically.

Landed Costs

Users can control or manage the calculation, and share the landed costs as compared to the version 20.O. A user can easily go for the current assets and choose the goods sold account type to keep the record of landed cost amount. Not only that but also it allows you to permit calculating landed costs for vendor bills in closed accounting periods.

Common Features Available in QuickBooks Enterprise 21.O

Apart from the other features QuickBooks enterprise have some more features, which are listed in the below, you can see it:

  • Multi-monitor support expands QuickBooks across two or three monitors, respecting the maximize policies consistent with the per screen! And, there’s a keyboard shortcut, CTRL+ALT+N, to toggle any window throughout screens. Also, CTRL+ALT+M toggles the multi-display features on/off.
  • Copy/Paste Line Shortcuts include CTRL+ALT+Y and CTRL+ALT+V.
  • A past-due Stamp can now be introduced to invoices, & the client can now determine which invoices if any, get the stamp.
  • Search in Chart of accounts to filter out effects by account name or number.
  • With the CASH/Accrual Toggle, you may now quickly toggle between cash foundation and accrual foundation on any record without having to click on customize reports. This saves two clicks.
  • Stay Logged-In preferences offer you the choice to stay logged in as much as 90 days, while not having to enter the password to get into QuickBooks.
  • Secure Webmail support, for users of Gmail & Hotmail, can now use the safety protocol that allows you to apply these email services by QuickBooks to e-mail forms & records.
  • Inventory record upgrades upload additional columns for inventory Valuation summary & inventory stock status reports.
  • With the ability to interchange edition on the Fly, you could toggle with one click to Wholesale and manufacturers, Contractor, expert services, Retail, & Non-income versions.
  • Now you have the ability to work in an Accountant’s copy & send a client the modifications.
  • You may send preferred journal Entries to the user or other QuickBooks enterprise user.
  • Merge supplier is an exceptional new function that allows you to merge as much as 4 suppliers in a single swoop & consolidate the complete history of multiple vendors as if it has been simply one vendor. that is best for reproduction supplier cleanup.
  • Mobile selecting with an Android Device in the back office team to send orders to the warehouse team with instructions on which income orders to choose through a mobile device via WiFi. The warehouse can then notify the returned office team that an income order has been in partially or fully packed and ready for shipment, all through the mobile device without touching QuickBooks.
  • With Mobile Barcode Scanning, the warehouse group can use a unique Android device that has integrated scanners to scan the bar codes of the product whilst it’s being picked to verify that the right product & quantities are being picked for shipping.

QuickBooks Enterprise 2021 Plans & Pricing

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 21.0 has 3 plans to choose, you just need to choose the appropriate plan according to your need, and business type.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Gold

The gold plan of QuickBooks enterprise allows the users to get the functionality and business insights the user (you). A user can afford it at the price of $1419.30/yr.

It allows you to do all the below function to manage your business accounting:

  • Priority circle service
  • Online data backup storage
  • Advanced reporting
  • Enhanced payroll
  • USA based customer support with all the features in the above section

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Platinum

The QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum plan can robust the functionality with the valuable tools for manufacturers, contractors, retailers, and wholesalers. So it will be best for them If you want to get this plan with you then you have to pay $1419.30/yr. And here are some features available on the Platinum plan:

  • Advanced reporting
  • Enhanced payroll
  • Online backup data storage
  • US-based customer support
  • QuickBooks Priority circle service
  • Auto QuickBooks Product upgrades
  • Advanced pricing

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise Diamond

QuickBooks enterprise Diamond has maximum functionality with most features to manage the business. The cost rate of Diamond plan of QuickBooks Desktop is $3442.88/yr. Have a look to the features of Diamond plan:

  • QuickBooks Priority circle service
  • Online data backup data storage
  • Tsheet Elite
  • CRM connector
  • Assisted payroll
  • Advanced pricing
  • Advanced inventory
  • Auto QuickBooks Product upgrades
  • USA based customer support

Point to Remember:- All price rate of plans are mentioned for 1 user per a year.

That’s it! We hope, you have got the information that you want to know about the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise 2021. We think this product will be the best option to manage accounts, if you also think so then, hurry up, and purchase it or update your old version to a new version without wasting your valuable time. Further, if you need any more information or have any doubts in your mind regarding this topic then, you can get our ProAdvisor support through the toll-free number +1-877-355-0435 .

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