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QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023: Features, Plans & Pricing

    QuickBooks Desktop Pro helps users to organize their business finances to be more productive. In the earlier version of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you will meet the QuickBooks Pro Plus Subscription 2023 with some improved features. In this article, we will discuss the complete overview of the Desktop Pro version including the plans, pricing, features, and system requirements.

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    What’s New in QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023, & QuickBooks Desktop Pro+Payroll

    Here we will provide you with all the new features associated with QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus 2023.

    1. Cash Flow Hub:

    The latest version of QuickBooks 2023 has updated itself with a new feature named the Cash Flow Hub capabilities in all editions of QuickBooks Desktop such as QuickBooks Enterprise 23.0, QuickBooks Premier Plus, and QuickBooks Pro Plus. This tool updates you with your current cash position thereby you can optimize your cash flow. It deals with all your profits and expenditures for the company including sales invoices, revenues, and receivable payments, along with paid bills as well as payroll. Apart from these, it provides you with graphical data of your accounts’ bank balances.

    2. Mileage Tracking:

    Using QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023, you are able to track the mileage of your vehicle automatically. There is no need to record your odometer manually, just add your destination and starting point. It also assists you in handling your expenses on business trips.

    3. Inter-company Transactions:

    This new feature of the QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023 is really helpful for those who operate two businesses but have common customers and clients. You must be a common partner in both companies that have the same accounting goal.

    4. Categorized Inventory:

    Using this feature in QuickBooks Pro Plus 2023, you can organize the inventory as per their category. Besides, you can divide the sub-category into four levels as a result you can manage the inventory effectively.

    5. Improved Banking Connectivity:

    With this feature QuickBooks 2023 allows you to connect with the bank online and helps to enhance security as well as connectivity. This feature allows you to connect with more than one bank, unlike the old version. It helps you get the banking data fetched automatically.

    Available Other Key-Features in Pro Version

    There are some other features of the QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus that can help you to grow your business.

    1. 64-bit Advanced Processing Power

    Quickbooks Desktop Pro Plus uses the full ability of a 64-bit processor. So, you can complete your accounting tasks 38% faster and get more authentic QuickBooks. It allows you to manage seamless third-party integrations by using the developer-preferred infrastructure which meets modern operating system standards.

    2. Pay and Schedule Bills in QuickBooks

    You can pay your vendor’s bills by using the funding source, digital or physical form that your vendors prefer. Also, you can pay and schedule bills according to your time by using bank transfer, debit, or credit card. When the payment is completed, QuickBooks marks the bill as paid for confirmation and notify you.

    3. Automated Mobile Bills Entries

    The QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus allows you to automate bills entries by using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app and save your time. your vendors can send email invoices to QuickBooks, which will draft bill transactions automatically for your review. It allows you to attach files to bill transactions for simplified audit trails.

    4. Attach Documents to Transactions

    The new features in Pro Plus allow you to attach multiple documents to transactions at once by uploading via the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app. Avoid storing physical documents.

    5. Customized Bill Payment Stubs

    You can send emails of customizable bill payment stubs to multiple vendors to maintain professional communications and save time. It allows you to edit your logo, formatting, balance-paid-to date, and other billing information.

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    6.Track Inventory

    It allows you to track products, cost of goods and adjust inventory to account for loss, stealing, and shrinkage. If the inventory got down, you will get a notification. Also, you can create purchase orders to track orders.

    7. Invoicing

    In this edition of QuickBooks Desktop Pro, you can create invoices for services, goods, billable time and expenses, professional estimates, and payment receipts. It allows you to get payments from your invoices and send automatic reminders on outstanding payments. Also, you can get real-time visibility of invoice status.

    8. Manage Bills and Account Payable

    You can easily track bills and purchase orders, maintain cash flow and find unpaid bills from a vendor to manage payments. It permits you to take action on unpaid bills. The Pro Plus allows you to automate bills entries by using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app and pay your vendor’s bills by using the funding source.

    9. Track Sales Tax

    The QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus automatically tracks sales tax every month. You can know that which customers and which products are taxable. It runs sales tax liability reports to show you what you paid.

    10. Track Income and Expenses

    It automatically connects your bank and credit card to download and categorize transactions and import previous financial data from Excel and other programs. It helps to organize your business with Customer, Vendors, and Employee Centers. To save your time, it creates categorized receipt expense entries by using the QuickBooks Desktop Mobile app. 

    Comparison of QuickBooks Desktop Pro Versions Features

    Compare the features of QuickBooks Pro in the earlier version 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, and 2023;

    Features 20232022202120202019
    Cash Flow Hub
    Mileage Tracking
    Inter-company Transactions
    Categorized Inventory
    Improved Banking Connectivity
    Automate bill entries
    Attach documents to transactions
    Customized bill payment stubs
    Enhanced computing power (64-bit)
    Schedule and pay vendor bills
    Multiple email contacts
    E-commerce integration
    Automatic statements
    Logos and custom formatting
    Rule-based customer groups
    Import bank feeds
    Categorized receipt expense entries
    Add a customer PO number
    Multiple invoices
    Hide columns
    Automatic Payment Reminders
    Reliable file transfer
    File search option
    Enhanced Smart Help
    Transfer customer credits
    Track check and bill payment
    Real-time visibility of invoice statuses
    Upgrade or transfer QuickBooks file
    Customizable inventory reports
    Reduce file size
    Accruing sick and vacation time
    Payroll liability reminder
    Compare business performance
    Windows open across multiple monitors
    Searchable Chart of Accounts
    Reports filters
    Bill Tracker
    Send forms
    Automated reports
    Smart search
    Get a full picture of business performance
    Reminders and notifications in one single window
    “This year to last month” filter.
    View shipping rates, print labels, and track packages
    Customize email templates
    Income Tracker
    View and pin important notes
    Track bounced checks
    Invoice multiple customers
    Calendar View
    Inventory Center
    Document Center
    Pull all banking transactions from multiple banks and accounts
    Memorized Transactions
    Create professional invoices and forms
    Access industry-specific report templates
    Customer Snapshot
    Print checks, pay bills, and track expenses
    Import your contacts
    3 users to work in QuickBooks
    Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments
    Email invoices and estimates
    Deposit slips
    Import data from Excel, Quicken, and prior QuickBooks versions
    Download bank and credit card transactions
    View customized sales and profitability
    Set individual user permissions
    Create a copy of your company file
    Track balance sheet by class
    Track time and expenses
    Bill clients
    Document and track change orders
    Accept credit card payments
    Cost to Complete Job
    Pay employees and manage payroll taxes
    compared features of Quickbooks Pro

    Plans and Pricing of Pro Plus

    The user can get QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus plans and pricing on annual basis. It totally depends on the number of users.

    Plans1 User2 Users3 Users
    Pro Plus 2023 $549.99/yr $749.99/yr $949.99/yr
    QuickBooks Pro Plus plans, and pricing

    System Requirements

    Here, we will learn about the latest system requirement for QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus.

    • Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 update/version supported by Microsoft
    • Windows Server 2012 (or R2), 2016 or 2019
    • 2.4 GHz processor
    • 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended)
    • 2.5 GB disk space recommended (additional space required for data files)
    • 4x DVD-ROM drive (unless the user is downloading from Intuit server)
    • Payroll and online features require Internet access (1 Mbps recommended speed)
    • Product registration required
    • Optimized for 1280×1024 screen resolution or higher. Supports one Workstation Monitor, plus up to 2 extended monitors. Optimized for Default DPI settings.
    • Internet Explorer 11 (32-bit)

    Integration with Other Software

    • Microsoft Word and Excel integration requires Office 2013-2019, or Microsoft 365 (32 and 64 bit)
    • Email Estimates, Invoices, and other forms with Microsoft Outlook 2013-2019, Microsoft 365, Gmail, and, or other SMTP-supporting email clients. App integration with QuickBooks POS 12.0 or 18.0.
    • Transfer data from Quicken 2016-2020, QuickBooks Mac 2016-2021 and Microsoft Excel 2013-2019, or Microsoft 365 (32 or 64 bit).

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