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QuickBooks Error code Skipped 111 – Complete Solution

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    QuickBooks Error code 111 or you can say the skipped error is one of the most common errors in QuickBooks. It shows in the rebuilt data area of your software. This error displays the message on the screen QuickBooks is not working or a recovery data file.

    The QuickBooks error code skipped 111 can not be fixed with the restore data utility because this error occurs in the restored section. It is a very complex issue that requires immediate action so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

    In the below article, we have tried to resolve the QuickBooks error code skipped 111.

    Some causes of QuickBooks Error code 111 

    • QuickBooks error code skipped 111 mostly occurs due to file damage. The file can be repaired, with the restoration or while replacing with the backup stored data.
    • The log report of the QuickBooks software can be misplaced.
    • It can be due to harmful viruses.
    • It can be due to the shortage of RAM of the system. 
    • It can be due to the damage of the hard-disc.

    Effect of QuickBooks Skipped error? 

    It has been mentioned earlier that the QuickBooks error code skipped 111 is one of the most arising errors in QuickBooks. The problems which can occur from the above error are:

    • The users of QuickBooks are at high risk of losing the operational and financial data, which has been stored in QuickBooks.
    • You can not use the features of QuickBooks software.
    • You can not add or update any of the QuickBooks software due to which your system is getting slow. 
    • It is important to keep the backup of the data so that it can be used later if any of the data or file is damaged.
    • It can corrupt the company file that leads to issues.
    • It will not provide you a backup of all the data of QuickBooks.
    • The performance and the functions of the system can be affected.

    Here are some of the points that have to be remembered while using Auto Data Recovery. 

    • It enters a huge number of documents.
    • It makes a request for the entire exchange of yours and later on stored them in QuickBooks.
    • It automatically erases the old archive to spare your time. 
    • It likewise increases the strength of the reports all along.

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    Follow the steps given below to resolve the QuickBooks error code 111

    Here are some of the steps mentioned below to resolve the QuickBooks error code 111. The best effective solution to resolve the QuickBooks error code 111 is a QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery. It is included in the QuickBooks 2011 R6 and QuickBooks 2010 R12 but it only works in the pro and premier versions. 

    • First, of all the Auto Data Recovery does the internal diagnostic on the file and some of the. If the file has been successfully opened that means it has passed the test, the program considers it as an error-free file and creates an Auto Data Recovery File.
    • The Auto Data Recovery transaction log program creates invoices for all your transactions that have been added to the file of QuickBooks.
    • Once the recovery procedure is completed, QuickBooks creates its own copy. The backup file will not be created if the application remains open.
    • With all these instances we get the two backup files. One file was created 12 hours ago and the second file was created 24 hours ago.
    • The old file will be automatically deleted from the system.


    As we all know that errors are not permanent, they can be resolved easily. But we have tried to fix the QuickBooks Error code 111 problems with the steps mentioned above, and in case you find any of the problems related to QuickBooks you can contact our QuickBooks ProAdvisor Experts. They will help you and provide you with the best solution regarding your concern.

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