Quickbooks Password Crack: How To Unlock Company Files & Admin Password

Last Updated on August 20, 2021 by Editorial Staff

Quickbooks allows you to create an admin password in order to secure your financial information. You can create an admin password during the installation of QuickBooks. These admin passwords help you to login into Quickbooks software and manage your business. But sometimes we forget the password of the admin, so in this situation, we need to know how to do Quickbooks password crack.

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Because Quickbooks password crack can help you to reset your password. And you can decrease the chance of affecting cybercrime. If you don’t want to be a victim of cybercrime. Then you need to read this blog to crack your password.

Quickbooks Password Crack by using Quickbooks Password Reset Tool

For your company’s financial security, you need to enter the Quickbooks password every time you open the company file. So for security reasons, you need to change your login credentials in a week. So that you will never face cybercrime on Quickbooks. But if you forget the password and want to crack Quickbooks password then follow the below steps…

  • Use Quickbooks password crack tool(https://ww2.secure.intuit.ca/accounting-software/password-reset/passwordResetIndex.jsp)
  • Select your Quickbooks version
  • Specify Quickbooks license number and all other detail and click on Next
  • Accept the license agreement, you will see downloading begins.
  • After download complete, run the setup
  • And enter the token number that you received in email from Quickbooks
  • Now choose same Quickbooks version
  • Select company file with the help of browse button
  • Type new password and select confirm
  • And click on Reset Password, so that you can finish the process.

Besides, there are lots of Quickbooks password reset tools and apps available for online purchase. Let’s see below.

Quickbooks Password Crack Apps

You can download and purchase various private applications from the internet. That can crack your Quickbooks password in a few seconds. We have brought some top Quickbooks password crack apps for you…

1) Passware

Passware is the best tool to crack your company file password in Quickbooks. Via using this tool you can easily unprotected company files instantly.


Passware is the best tool to remove protection of Quickbooks admin. Lets see its features

  • By using this tool you can recover original password with Brute-force option
  • All Quickbooks versions supported including the 2020-5.0 version.
  • Easy to install and uninstall


Passware is available for just $39 with 1 monthly money-back guarantee.

2 QBW Password

QBW password crack tool is helpful for cracking Quickbooks passwords. It’s an advanced tool for Quickbooks users to unprotect company files. And this tool is named because of the QuickBooks Company File. You can use this tool to reset or change the password in the QuickBooks Company file as an admin. It supports almost all versions of Quickbooks.


  • You can easily extracted files from .Qbb backup
  • It can easily crack admin password
  • Sensitive data will be restored and you can easily access it.


QBW Password crack tool is available for just $44.95 including 1 year free support.

Besides, if you forget the username and password of Quickbooks. Then you can follow the below steps to recover Quickbooks password.

There Are Various Condition That We Need To Do Quickbooks Password Crack

  • User loss & forgets their password
  • Forgot the security questions
  • Forget username and password and security questions and also license number.

Condition 1: If the User Forgets the Password

If you are not an admin, you are simply a Quickbooks user. And forgot your user id and password. Then you will get the message on your screen during login time. That has been written you should contact your administrator. Because the admin can only crack your Quickbooks password. And give you power to change user id and password again. So let’s see how to do Quickbooks password crack.

Condition 2: If the Admin Itself Forget their Password

And if you are the admin of Quickbooks application, and forgot your username and password. Then you need to answer the security question that you set up when you set up the administrator password. And if you gave the correct answer of Quickbooks question. Then all the password protection will be removed.

That means everybody’s user name and everybody’s password is removed and the file is reset as if you never put usernames or passwords on it all. And you can just use the file normally. Let’s take a look at what would happen if we did so…

  • Click on the company file that you forgot admin password
  • As soon as you open it, it will ask user name and password
  • Now click on the forgot password
  • Then you need to give an answer to the security Questions.
  • Now you need to click on the Ok button, then you will see message popup. That includes your password and challenge answer in Questions that have been removed. And your company file is no longer protected through the password. And when you close this window you will be asked to create a new password and select a question for your challenge
  • Now click on close button to reset password
  • And then you can see Quickbooks password change window open
  • Type user name and new password, confirm the password in the second textbox
  • Then choose challenge question and answer, then click on OK button
  • Congrats you have to resolve your Quickbooks password change. And now your all users will secure automatically.

Condition 3: Forgot the Security Question

If you are an admin and forgot admin password and security questions. Then no need to worry, you can still reset the password with your Quickbooks user license and registration information. If you have to do this you will have to wait for the Quickbooks company to email you instructions on how to get back in. let’s take a look at what would happen if we did that…

  • Double click on the company file to open it
  • It usual ask you for username and password
  • And if you click on Forgot my Password, it will ask you a security question that is set during the admin password setup.
  • But you have to click on I forgot my answer, then you would put your license number that was issued by QuickBooks during purchase time.
  • Besides, you have to specify all details and click on the OK button.
  • Then you will get an Email from Quickbooks, called token and when you put it into your computer. It will allow you to do Quickbooks password crack.

Condition 4: Forgot Username, Password, Security Answer, and License Number

If there is a situation when you forgot your username, password, security answer, and license number. In that extreme case, you will have to work with a software company on the phone step by step.

Condition 5: Accountant User

But you will get back into the file now you may ask. What kind of security features relate to the external accountant user. Well, the external accountant user can do everything the administrator can do except manage another user account. such as adding another user and editing another user’s permission or deleting a user. Which will make sense that only the administrator can do that. But the other thing that the accountant cannot do is, see the customer credit card information. So let’s set up an external accountant.

  • Suppose external account username is “Pandora”
  • And the password is “kukur123multi”
  • Remember you, external accountant, cant see user credit card information.
  • Before setting up an external accountant, click on the Customer Center.
  • And select any customer like we select Nancy and double click on it.
  • Then you can see Nancy’s credit card number here because you log in as administrator.
  • Now let’s create and external accountant user and see what happens
  • Form the main menu click on the Company. Now select setup user and password
  • Click on setup user as now login as an administrator
  • And then click on Add New from the setup new external user window.
  • Then you need to enter username=Pandora, password=kukur123multi, and confirm the password=kukur123multi, then click on the Next button.
  • Choose an external accountant and click Next and click on Yes and then click on the Finish button.
  • Now log in as Pandora
  • And click on the Customer Information, now again we are selecting Nancy from the customer list.
  • And you will see, you cant see credit card number of the customer


As you have seen if you forget the admin password and security question. Then you have to spend half an hour cracking Quickbooks password. So it’s better to write down your password in your personal diary. If in case, you are unable to crack the QuickBooks password or having any kind of doubts regarding this article or topic then, get the ProAdvisor support of Accountwizy to get rid of your problem.

Quickbooks Password Crack How To Unlock Company Files & Admin Password