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QuickBooks Password Crack: How To Unlock Company Files & Admin Password

    Have you lost your QuickBooks password? And searching the ways to recover the password? Don’t worry, we will show, how to crack passwords in QuickBooks. In this article, we will talk about the different methods to reset passwords, and the different situations, where you need to recover the QuickBooks password.

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    Ways to Change/Reset Password in QuickBooks

    There may be various reasons to reset or change QuickBook’s password. But QuickBooks always recommend changing the login credential at least once a month. Because it keeps your company data in QuickBooks securely.

    QuickBooks allows its users to reset or change their QuickBooks credential passwords in different ways. Here we have given some of the procedures to crack the QuickBooks password. Have a look;

    Method 1: Use QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

    The QuickBooks password reset tool helps the both admin, and the users to reset, or create new passwords.

    • First of all downoad the QuickBooks Tool Hub. The tool hub includes all of the QuickBooks tools, even the password reset tool.
    • And then, go to the ‘Passwod Reset‘ section to run the password reset tool.
    • Or you can download the tool directly through this link.
    • There you need to use any one of the options; QuickBooks for Windows (All versions), and QuickBooks Point of Sale.
      • QuickBooks Point of Sale: This will show you a form to fill out the detail like business info, service agreement. And at last, it will show you the download option to download the tool.
      • QuickBooks for Windows (All versions): QuickBooks doesn’t allow to use the tool for 2020 or for the above version. And if you are choosing the ‘QuickBooks for Windows (2019 or below)‘ then you will get a form to fill out the detail of business info, and service agreement. At last, you will get the download option to download the tool.
    • After the complete download process, run the setup.
    • And enter the Token number that you received in email from QuickBooks.
    • Again select the QuickBooks version, and browse for the company file, in which you want to reset the password.
    • Type the new password and select ‘Confirm‘.
    • At last, click on the ‘Reset Password‘ option.

    Method 2: Use Password Reset Apps

    You can download and purchase various private password reset applications from the internet. These tools can crack your password in a few seconds. But all tools are not trustable, so here we have mentioned two trusted tools that will help you to reset your password securely.

    Reset Password with Passware

    Passware is a completely encrypted solution to crack any kind of password. you can use this solution in QuickBooks to change or reset passwords.

    • This allows the users to recover the original password with Brute-force option.
    • And supports all of the QuickBooks versions including the 2020-5.0 version.
    • It is easy to install and uninstall.

    Use QBW Password Tool

    This works as an advanced tool for the QBW file. It can recover, and replace the password of the .qbe file. It supports all QuickBooks versions and editions including the latest QuickBooks version(2022). Read the following points to know about this tool;

    • It extracs files from .Qbb backup.
    • And cracks admin password in few minutes.
    • Sensitive data will be restored and you can easily access it.

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    When you Need to Crack QuickBooks Password

    While working on QuickBooks, you will face different situations, where you will be needed to reset the password (user & admin), user name, accountant passwords, and etc. Here we have considered all of the situations and provided solutions according to condition.

    Pick any one of the conditions, that you are dealing with now;

    Condition 1: If the User Forget the Password

    If you are only a QuickBooks user, but not the admin, and you forgot your user ID and password. QuickBooks will show you a message to contact the administrator, during the login time. Because the admin has all of the access to change or recover any user’s password in QuickBooks.

    How admin reset a user’s password?

    Condition 2: If the Admin Forget the Password

    If you are the admin and forgot the password then you can recover, and set up the administrator password through the security questions, and answers. QuickBooks will ask you some of the security questions. If you can give the correct answer to the questions then all the password protection will be removed.

    Read the following to reset the admin password in QuickBooks;

    • Login to QuickBooks Desktop as an admin.
    • And try to access the company file with your password.
    • Then click on the ‘Forget Password‘ link.
    • QuickBooks will ask you some security questions, which are already asked during the registartion.
    • Give the correct answer to the questions.
    • A pop-window will open on your screen, click on the ‘Ok‘ option from the window.
    • QuickBooks will ask you to create a new password, while leaving the window.
    • Click the ‘Reset Password‘ option to open the password change window.
    • Type user name (admin), the and new password.
    • And confirm the password in the confirm password textbox.
    • Again choose some challenging questions and answers, then click on OK button.

    Condition 3: If you Forget the Security Question

    If you forget your admin password, and the security question’s answer also. Then don’t worry, you can still reset the password with your QuickBooks user license and registration info. QuickBooks will send a mail your mail ID for on-screen instruction.

    Read the following to know, how to do it?

    • Double click on the company file to open it.
    • After that, QuickBooks will ask you for username, and password.
    • Click on the ‘Forgot My Password‘.
    • In the next step QuickBooks will ask you the security question. But you have to click on ‘I forgot my answer‘.
    • But you have to click on I forgot my answer.
    • Then put your license number that was issued by QuickBooks during purchase time.
    • Fill out the details and click on the OK button.
    • Then you will get an Email from QuickBooks, called token and when you put it into your computer. It will allow you to reset QuickBooks password.

    Condition 4: If an Accountant Forgot Password

    If you are a certified accountant in QuickBooks, who have all of the access for users, and you lost your password. Then follow the below procedure to reset the password.

    • First of all, go to the QuickBooks Online Accountant login page.
    • And click on the ‘I forgot my user ID or Password‘ option.
    • After that, QuickBooks will instruct you to reset your password.
    • Follow them, and verify the mail ID.
    • QuickBooks will send you a link to reset password.
    • Reset your password using the link, and access the QuickBooks Accountant account successfully.

    It was the article to crack the password in QuickBooks, using different ways. And to know the different conditions where we need to reset password. Hopefully, this will be a good source for you. Still, if you have any kind of doubts regarding this topic then you can drop a call to this number to connect with the QuickBooks ProAdvisors.

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