Quickbooks Receipt Scanner: How To Track Your expenses

To be a good businessman you have to track all your expenses. So that you will be able to cut your taxes. Because receipts play a major role in reducing your tax amount.

But sometimes it is very difficult to track receipts such as when you travel and spend something in relation to your business. Then you need a receipt scanner to scan your receipts. Today we are going to discuss an app/software named QuickBooks receipt scanner. It is the best scanner for small businesses.

QuickBooks Receipt Capture Software allows us to manage a small business easily and cheaply.

What Is Quickbooks Receipt Scanner

You know well if you have lots of receipt’s pics. Then it becomes very difficult to do entry one by one in accounting software.  And if you have Optical Character Recognition(OCR) technology. Then you can easily track your receipt by doing an entry in Quickbooks. QB receipts scanner uses OCR technology to scan receipts & keep records of the amount, date, and location of your transactions.

Quickbooks receipt capture app has the facility to import your bank statement automatically whether it has been done by the credit card and PayPal transactions. After importing transactions it will automatically categorize for the tax deduction.

And if you have categorized expenses in advance can also deduct your taxes. Because it is similar to the Quickbooks self-employed form T2125. It means you can categorize your expenses according to you by using custom organization rules.

Overall, Quickbooks receipt scanner user interface is very simple and easy to use. You can simply swipe and click to snap a pic for your receipt.

Advantage Of Quickbooks Receipt Scanner

By using Quickbooks receipt scanner you can take a photo of receipts and send it to the cloud directly. This technology is secure and reliable for us. So let’s see the advantage of this advanced smart technology.

  • Via this Quickbooks receipt capture app, you and your remote worker-members can do the entry of expenses easily in accounts.
  • Quickbooks receipt scanner easily integrates with your accounting software. So that it will help you to stay organized.
  • No need to categorize manually. It will automatically categorize your expense according to itemized charges that appear on the receipt.
  • It will store your receipt in digital form so that you can access it from anywhere in high resolution

Besides Quickbooks receipt scanner, there are many Receipt scanners are available that help you to track your expenses receipts.

Best Receipt Scanner for Quickbooks User

If you have trouble selecting the best receipt scanner software for your Quickbooks integration. Then see below we provide you some best apps for you…

Verify Receipt Scanner

This app has lots of features to manage your receipts, its GUI is really nice and easy to use.

Via Verify app, you can easily scan your document and send it to your members via email or store it in the cloud. It uses AI-power technology to import data from digital and hard copies for accurate and automated data entry.

Verify the company does regular updates to its software for better performance. And the advanced version of its software is able to manage your expense & receipts. And the logbook app allows you to track your expense during traveling whereas timesheets app helps you to track your employee’s time on various projects.

Nexonia Expenses

Another best receipt scanner for your Quickbooks integration is Nexonia. It helps you to click a pic of your receipts and store it in the cloud. Also, you can use it with your cloud accounting software to track your expenses. You can customize the categorization of expenses according to you. So that you can deduct your tax payable.

You can also integrate with the google map to track your mileage if you are traveling for the business work. So it’s used for notes on all your expenses in business accounting. It helps you to synchronize your customer contact and account between two systems for better automation and accuracy. Similar to the Verify app it helps you to manage time management via Nexonia Timesheets app for easy reporting.

Minute 7

Minute 7 Receipt scanner designed for tracking hours and expenses so that you can manage your team efficiently. Via this app, your business employee can include expense records in accounting. So you don’t have to worry about your employee buying parts or supplies during the job. And even you don’t need to do an entry for expenses. And you can synchronize your data to Quickbooks via a single click. Also, you can export data to excel document

So it means the expense management app helps you to identify where your money is going. And help you to examine where you have to spend extra money without any reasons.

Big Time Tracking App

This app is helpful for Quickbooks self-employed. Because it records the working hour and provides customizable timesheets.  It will also help you to track expenses according to the various project. That helps you to keep track of project costs. And if you are an employee that works hourly, then when your work is finished, you can submit your tine using BIg time. After that Big time will automatically synchronize data to Quickbooks.


The Neat software is very helpful for every type of business that provides a receipt scanner. Its simple UI helps you to scan your receipt easily from anywhere. Neat provides a various subscription-based mobile app to scan the receipt from anywhere. By using this app you can manage your expense receipts, business card, and scanned documents into folders. And allow you to do specific tasks on it like searching and filtering.

Scan Your Receipt Regularly

It’s advised by the Chartered accountant that we should keep a record of every transaction in a business. But keeping track of every transaction is a bit hard. So if you use Quickbooks receipt scanner app. Then it will be a better option for your small businesses. And give time for your business auditing in a week. So that you can come to know what mistake you have made. So that if any receipt entry you have forgotten to enter in QB. then you can again keep a record of that expense receipt.

Effectively Organise your Scanned Receipt

We click the picture of our receipts and store them in the cloud storage or memory. But if you are not organized well then you may face trouble. Because when you have lots of receipts in your storage, then it will be difficult to find any receipts. So save them according to their types and time. Like you have receipts for travel expenses then create a folder with this name and store document into it.


Quickbooks receipts scanners are very useful apps for your small business. Because you have a small business so that you will need to save your time to manage other business tasks. And using Receipts scanner saves your time and helps you to stay organized.

Most of the USA’s small business owners are using Quickbooks receipt mobile scanner. Which helps them to grow their businesses fast. To know more about it you can contact Quickbooks Proadvisor.

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