How To Resolve Quicken Error cc-506?

Quicken needs net banking or bank user id and password to complete transactions. And when the bank server goes down. And unable to communicate with Quicken(QN) server then the user sees Quicken error cc-506. Quicken error code cc-506 occurs due to the wrong account detail credentials provided by you. Hence users unable to perform payment work in Quicken. So let’s dig into this error and remove QN error cc-506.

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Steps To Resolve Quicken Error CC-506

When you try to download your transactions from financial institutions or banks. Then you will see Quicken error cc-506. So let’s see how to resolve Quicken error code cc-506.

Step 1: Update Latest Quicken

Quicken error cc-506 can be seen in outdated Quicken software. So first we have to update Quicken

  • Open Quicken and click on Update Icon, this updated icon is used to update your transaction from a financial institution or your bank
  • Another method to do this by clicking on Tools
  • And then click on One Step Update
  • A new window appears in front of your name One step Update Setting. Where you will get 9 options for updates.
  • You can choose whatever you have to update from here.
  • But at this movement, we simply click on Update Now
  • It will take some time according to your network speed.
  • After completing the update process, you can see all modules are becoming green
  • But you can see if your credit card service doesn’t update, and become red color. this is also called my card financial institution, and in Quicken it shows as Quicken error cc-502. Quicken generally throws a message Quicken is unable to update your account this may be due to the server down of your financial institution.
  • So as you have seen update process can solve your Quicken error issue. But if you still face Quicken error cc-506 then go for the next step below

Step 2: Refresh Your Account Information

The second option is to refresh and try to access your bank account. If you are not able to login to your bank account or financial institution. Then you have to refresh your account information.

  • Open Quickbooks and go to account registration and click on the gear icon, or press ctrl+shift+N
  • After that, you have to click on Update Now.
  • And follow the instruction appear on your screen to complete the update process.
  • We hope you have resolved your Quicken error cc-506. And if you are still seeing this error then follow the next step.

Step 3 Remove & Deactivate All Account For This Financial Institution, And Reconnect to Quicken.

  • First, you need to click on Account List in Quicken, by going to Tools =>Account List
  • Then check the Show Hidden Accounts checkbox
  • Now if you want to deactivate, then you need to Edit each account with this financial institution

Note: Account must be deactivated before these fields you’re going to edit.

  • After complete, close the list of account
  • And restart Quicken software
  • After that click on Add Account button
  • In order to add the account, you have to log in with username and password.
  • Then Link available account to Quicken

If the Older account was closed then deactivate from future  online updates

  • Go to Tools from the menu bar and click on Account List
  • Then go to Edit button to deactivate the account
  • From the account detail window click on the Online Services tab
  • Where you need to click on Remove from a one-step update. So that in future Quicken will not download transaction for this account.

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How To Validate Quicken File

When you deactivate the account then you will need to validate your Quicken file. So let’s see how to validate.

  • Go to File menu >File Operations>> Validate & Repair
  • Then checkmark the checkbox for validating file and click on OK button
  • Now dialogue box appears, where you have to click on Save button
  • Then file validating process begins, wait for few second to complete it
  • And now you can see your file is valid. If it shows any error in the report it means your Quicken file is damage that’s why you get Quicken error cc-506
  • That’s it you have resolved your Query


Quicken famous for its accounting software for small & mid-sized businesses. Because it has various tools and functionality to manage business accounting. Such as Quicken online transaction service, you can download your financial institution transaction in Quicken. But some user faces Quicken error cc-506 when they try to download transaction files. You can follow the above steps to remove Quicken error. And if you are not able to remove this error then get Quicken support service from us.

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How To Resolve Quicken Error cc-506?