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How to Install and Use QuickBooks Advanced Reporting

    Hey, here we are with the new topic for beginners who are using QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise. Well, this will also be beneficial for the old users, or those who are experts to use the QuickBooks Desktop. Today in this blog, we are going to know about QuickBooks Advanced Reporting. If you are interested to make your business insights then you must know about advanced reporting. So let’s read the blog, till the end.

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    QuickBooks advanced reporting (QBAR) is one of the best facilities of QuickBooks to improve the economic status of the business in the right direction with the proper detail. Generally, it is used to create interactive custom reports and allows the users to download report templates to get started with its advanced features. Apart from that, you can use the QuickBooks data to create your own report with specific needs with the advanced report.  

    Now let’s know how to install, and use it: 

    The way to Install, and Use QuickBooks Advanced Reporting

    Here you can follow the procedure to install and use QuickBooks Advanced reporting, just follow the procedure.

    Procedure to Install QuickBooks Advanced Reporting

    First, you need to install QuickBooks advanced reporting to get started with the advanced reporting. 

    Step 1: Update QuickBooks Enterprise

    The first step is here to update QuickBooks Enterprise, but before that, you need to know some important points. Here are the points:

    • If you are using QuickBooks Enterprise in the hosted version through a third-party then you may need to contact your hosting service provider for all these processes.
    • And if you are updating the QuickBooks Enterprise version in a non-hosted version then, ensure that you are logged in as the admin of Windows. 

    Let’s start the procedure:

    • Download & update QuickBooks Product (QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise).
    • From the ‘Select Country’dropdown choose your country, and choose your product (QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise) from the ‘Select Product’ dropdown menu.
    • After that go to the ‘Select Version’ dropdown menu, and choose the version of the year.
    • Now click on the ‘Search’ option.
    • At last, click the ‘Get the latest updates’ option and save the file to download the update. 
    • Double click on the file to install, and update, when the download is complete.
    • After the complete installation, you may need to restart your windows.     

    Step 2: Sync License Data Online

    Now in the next step, we need to sync the license data online. Here is the procedure to sync license data Online:

    • You need to go to the ‘Help’ menu of QuickBooks, and to select the ‘Manage My License’ option.
    • After that, click on the ‘Sync Data Licence Online’ option. 

    Step 3: Start with Advanced Reporting

    Hopefully, you have completed step 2. Now complete the procedure by installing and extracting the data for the reports. 

    • Go to the ‘Reports’ menu of QuickBooks.
    • And after that, select the ‘Advanced Reporting’ option from the ‘Reports’ section. 

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    Procedure to Use the Advanced Reporting 

    Now you have successfully installed the QuickBooks advanced reporting. Here we have given some procedures, which will help you to use the advanced reporting and will also help you to fix problems if you have any during the use of QuickBooks advanced reporting. 

    To Customize a Report 

    Here we have some tips for you, which will help you to customize reports with QuickBooks.

    • It allows users to use the starter reports which resemble existing reports in QuickBooks.
    • You can customize your report using the table, chart, utility, and text. 
    • If you want to customize anything, right-click on that object, and select the ‘Properties’ option. Now you can put the right information on the object.
    • There will be a Library section, where you can select your list box to add your report

    To Find a Member

    Follow the procedure to find a member:

    • At first, enter your city name, state name, or your ZIP code number, and filter the results by clicking on the ‘More Search Options’.
    • Go to the ‘Specialized Services’ tab, and then click on the ‘QuickBooks Advanced Reporting’ checkbox.   

    QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Not Working

    Sometimes the users face the problem, QuickBooks Advanced Reporting won’t open/ not working. And that time the users can’t decide what to do. Don’t worry, if you are also facing the same problem, here we have the solution to the problem. Just go for the solution:

    • Log into QuickBooks, as the admin of QuickBooks, and go to the ‘Company’ menu to select the ‘Users’ option.
    • After that, select the ‘Set Up Users and Roles’ option from the ‘Users’ section.
    • Now you need to choose the current role, and to select the; Edit’ or ‘New’ option.
    • From the Roll access, Area and Activities, choose the ‘File’ option then click on the ‘QuickBooks Advanced Reporting’ option.
    • At the last, click the ‘Ok’ option.

    QuickBooks Advanced Reporting Couldn’t Update Report

    ‘Sorry! Advanced reporting couldn’t update your report. Please try again.’- Most of the time, this common issue also detects while you trying to update advanced reporting with the latest data. If this problem happens to you then, you can follow the below-given solution to troubleshoot it.  

    Solution 1: Update QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise

    The first solution is to update the QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise to the latest version. You can follow ‘Step-1’ of the ‘Procedure to install QuickBooks advanced reporting’, which is mentioned above to update the enterprise.

    If the problem is still occurring then, go for solution 2.   

    Solution 2: Make Some Changes in Your Anti-Virus

    This is the alternative solution for the error. If you decided to follow this procedure then, ensure the anti-virus program support site for the detailed instruction of the anti-virus you are using. 

    • Remove parentheses, apostrophes in the company file path by remaining folders.
    • In the next step, open the company file, and run the ‘Advanced reporting’.
    • Now you can change the date to the standard format.
    • And check that the QVConnect32.exe is not blocked because of the antivirus program. If it is already blocked then, you have to add an exception for the QlikView connector in the AVP’s real-time scan. 
    WindowsFile location (QVConnect32.exe)
    Windows 10/8.1 and 8.0C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\QVConnect\11.20.12235.0
    Windows 7C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\\QVConnect\11.20.12235.0

    Wrapping Up

    QuickBooks Advanced Reporting plays a crucial role to maintain the accounting section perfectly, and smartly. We hope, the article will give you the right direction to use advanced reporting. Still, if you need any help to manage it, or want more knowledge regarding this article then you can get our QuickBooks ProAdvisor support for instant response. 

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