QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Release Notes

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Are you interested to know about the ‘QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Release Notes’? If yes, then stay with us, here in this blog, you will be able to know the released version notes of QuickBooks Desktop 2019.

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Intuit releases regular updates for all its QuickBooks versions including QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Point of Sale and etc. every year, and all the QuickBooks product have their own version. Here in this blog, we will know the released updated version of QuickBooks Desktop 2019, by which a user can easily choose its version according to his/her need.

List of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Release Notes

Here we have listed different types of QuickBooks desktop 2019 release notes below:

Release 12 (R12) of QuickBooks Desktop 2019

‘Release 12 (R12)’ is the latest update of QuickBooks Desktop 2019. Let’s know, what are the latest update:

  • In this update, QuickBooks made changes in the Intuit account login.
  • Now it is compulsory for the admin to have an Intuit account during the creating of a new company file and opening of the existing file.
  • Now a user can also easily move the QuickBooks from one computer to another with the improved feature in the migration tool.
  • There is big changes in federal W4 changes, payroll reports, and exports to .xml now available information from the new W-4.
  • Now you will not face any kind of error during the selection of e-Check as the customer payment method, it will fix the error automatically that time with the new advanced scope bug fixes feature.
  • Use QuickBooks multiple versions in one system without getting any error message like; ‘QuickBooks has stopped working’, and can get the QuickBooks Company file during the launching of QuickBooks easily. The latest feature of QuickBooks desktop 2019, and Enterprise 19.O will fix these bugs easily.

Release 11 (R11) of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and Enterprise 19.O

This update will be acting for 2020 payroll compliance, let’s check what are the changes for QuickBooks Desktop 2020 in the QuickBooks Desktop 2019:

  • Generate reports for State Mandated Retirement deduction for the USA (Oregon, California).
  • The new 2020 W-4 is now supported in the QuickBooks payroll.
  • For more stable and to make the installation process easier in QuickBooks, Intuit added some advanced features in QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and enterprise 19.O.
  • Now you can continue payroll compliance with United State payroll tax laws.
  • With the newly updated payroll status for direct deposit features, you can view the detailed status for direct deposit payroll without checking emails or call CARE.
  • Now you will not see the warning message ‘Items not assigned classes’ during the saving of reimbursable invoice.

Release 10 (R10) of Desktop 2019:

  • You will be able to access QuickBooks Capital as a business funding option for customer payments.
  • QuickBooks self setup is another change in it. Through this, you will be able to activate payroll manually from the Preference menu. And employers also can invite employees for the self-set up through a secure website.
  • Now you can use your Gmail in QuickBooks desktop 2019 with the advanced security system, to comply with Google’s privacy policy.
  • Install anything in QuickBooks by improving stability and performance.
  • Fix the accountant’s copy error during the importing of .qby file.
  • Allow the users to print the unlimited pick lists at a time.

Release 9 (R9) QuickBooks Desktop 2019:

In this update the updated features of compliance are important:

  • By the advanced payroll compliance feature, QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Enterprise 19.O make it easy to manage payroll in the particular states (Indiana, Maine, Washington).
  • In Indiana a user can able to set up his/her employees’ State Occupational Code (SOC) as seasonal and file SUI quarterly using the XLT tool.
  • In Maine, a user can only set up the SOC as seasonal for employees.
  • And in Washington, a user can identify and correct PFML (paid family medical leave) before quarterly filing.
  • Now you will not get invoice history blank error if in case, you get blank in invoice history, then you can fix it easily (this will be applicable if you pay the invoice by using the credit memo).
  • Sometimes users face problems during emailing an invoice, in the latest update you can also fix it.
  • Fix all kinds of bugs in QuickBooks payroll.

Release 7 (R7) in QuickBooks Desktop :

  • It comes with the changes in QuickBooks file manager password reset and fixes different kinds of issues.
  • If you have any problem, that the credit cardholder not appearing in an EMV transaction, then you can fix it easily.

Release 6 (R6) for QuickBooks Desktop 2019 and QuickBooks Enterprise 19.O:

  • Data corruption resolved, incorrect reporting resolved, improved performance, fix the IIF import bug, import for items with hidden parents with the R6 QuickBooks Desktop 2019 update.
  • You can import the IIF file successfully if it has duplicate data lines.
  • There are some new items in the hidden parents: Accounts, customers, class, and inventory.

Release 5 (R5) on QuickBooks Desktop 2019:

  • If you are facing the QuickBooks error 1328, then you will able to fix the error in the Release 5 (R5) QuickBooks Desktop update.

Release 4 (R4):

  • Get better collaboration with accountants with the improved ACFT experience.
  • Fix the crash issue during the credits to invoice, and also the error during the closing of the QBA file.
  • Fixed the asset manager, and enhanced the IIF import and fixes the common issues like IIF importing for employee names.
  • A user can generate ‘State-mandated Retirement’ for the state.
  • You can integrate the TSheets account directly from QuickBooks with an updated integration method, and also can set up it directly in QuickBooks before integrating.

Release 3 (R3):

  • Advanced messaging and fixing of common error in bank feeds.
  • Freezing of invoice with Microsoft Outlook can be fixed easily, with the advanced features.
  • Advanced support for QuickBooks Email, and can fix tracker errors.
  • If there is a problem, that missing Employee information, then fix it, after the upgrade.
  • For the enterprise, the ‘Clear Search’ option is now available.
  • Improved error messages with proper instructions if any action is required.
Bank FeedsThe release version of QuickBooks Desktop 2019 3 (R3) improved the messaging feature in Bank feed, and it fixes the common bank feed error in QuickBooks.
Accounts ReceivableNow you can fix the issue causing invoice easily.
Invoice Status TrackerNow take the advantage of QuickBooks email support, and fix the known bugs to make the invoice easier.
PaymentsYou will be able to fix the void transaction issues, and can payment with QuickBooks Desktop easily.
Print PDFQuickBooks Desktop has a new advanced update, and that is; now you can fix the pdf issues while you are trying to print it by the troubleshoot button.
User InterfaceUser interface is another improved feature in the new release 3(R3). Now it will comes with the improved improved error message with strict instructions if action is required.
EnterpriseThe inventory report of 3(R3) QuickBooks Desktop using the ‘inventory’ terminology.
Now it is advanced by the ‘Clear Search’ button.
The column alignment issue will be fixed out which was occurred by the overlapping of notes with the delivery date column.


So, this was the article, where you will get information for the QuickBooks Desktop 2019 release notes. We tried our best to put information in this article, we hope, you like it. You just have to choose the perfect and exact released version of QuickBooks Desktop 2019, according to your business need. Still, if you have any kind of confusion or any problem to understand this article, then you can get our ProAdvisor support by dialing our toll-free number +1-877-355-0435 .

QuickBooks Desktop 2019 Release Notes