QuickBooks error 6123 – To Fix Error

QuickBooks error 6123 is an error. usually, occurs when QB users are trying to upgrade and open their QuickBooks file over network/multi-user mode. Here we mention a few steps to get rid of error 6123 and some precaution which helps you to do successfully work without facing errors.

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QuickBooks is one of the best software for accounting work, known as multiuser software. you are operating the powerful software of Intuit. Especially designs to manage your accounting works easily in one place and you can excess your company data on any device through Pc/window/mobile phone everywhere anytime. While working on QB rarely change to create the error.

To Fix QuickBooks error 6123 Quickly –

  • After display error 6123 or error 6123, 0, you will have to disable antivirus setting for a few minutes then restart your computer and open the company file.
  • Use QuickBooks tool hub or QB file Doctor(as given above)
  • Don’t use a special character in the file name, rename the file with the extension such as .qbw or .nd or .tlg
  • To fix error, place your company file to another location
  • Use a new window user because the current windows may be corrupt so go in control panel then click on-> User->Create new user->user type “administrator”-> existing file log out and you should restart the computer then place the file on the desktop. After this, you can open and access your QB file.

The above solution is a short way to get rid of QuickBooks error 6123 or error 6123,0. In this article, users will get the right way to fix error 6123 in QuickBooks. If the above steps don’t fix then follow the below instructions.

But don’t worry about QuickBooks errors because intuit gives you the right way to solve the errors. Like in this article you will get the right solution to remove QuickBooks error 6123. First, need to know its causes and symptoms:

Causes of QuickBooks error 6123-
  • Damaged some QB file and QB database files
  • Place your QB company file from another device
  • Windows may be damage.
  • Network connection error
  • Installed McAfee Antivirus and interference with QB desktop file.
  • QB file name save with using special characters
  • Not upgrade the new version of QB
  • Active McAfee privacy service setting.
Symptoms of QuickBooks error 6123-
  • QB error 6123, 0 display
  • QuickBooks file does not open
  • QB not response properly
  • Current window corrupt
  • The system stops for a few minutes.

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QuickBooks error 6123,0 – Solution

Part (A)-Don’t use special characters for QuickBooks file name

  • You need to check QuickBooks filename if there are special characters then change file name

Note:-(characters should be less than 30 without space)

Part (B)-Use QuickBooks Tool hub 

By using the QuickBooks tool hub you can resolve many errors that help you to save your time and stay happy in life without error. Intuit QuickBooks software is multiuser software. Rarely create some errors while using QB don’t worry about these errors because of Intuit QuickBooks Tool Hub. download + install QB hub powerful tool.

  • After downloaded save this file with extension QBtoolhub.exe
  • Now fill all the screen instructions
  •  After complete the installation QB hub tool icon show on your desktop or where you save this hub.

Part (C)- Start QuickBooks tool hub

  • QuickBooks error 6123 select in QuickBooks tool hub
  • After it, click QuickFix my program then wait for processing it
  • After some time processing will complete

Now, you can see QuickBooks error 6123 is fixed and you can continue your work.

If QuickBooks Error 6123 still appears on the computer then you need to complete just two three steps like (D).

 Part (D)-Repair QuickBooks company File

  • To repair the QuickBooks file, Use QuickBooks file Doctor to repair QB file

Note:-Don’t worry about your data file because the data will safe.

  •  Again open the QB tool Hub then selects your company file. If there is no your company file name then search your file in Browser write company file name.qbw
  • Then, click on Check File and select Continue
  • After then, you need to fill the QB admin password and click on Continue.
  • Then QuickBooks file doctor will repair the QB company file and handle their error 6123 patient to remove this from your computer.

After completing the process of QB files repair by Intuit’s QuickBooks File Doctor error will fix. You can open the company file if QuickBooks error 6123 is shown again then only follow part (A) then part(E).

Part(E)– To Restore QB backup file

  • Follow Restore QuickBooks backup file steps instruction to restore the QB company backup file .qbb
  • Finally, After completing steps, QuickBooks error 6123 is removed. you can access your company file.

Restore QuickBooks Backup File.qbb – Steps to restore QB file

Don’t open the company files in online folders and removable storage only opens in the local hard disk.

Step 1: First, you should open QuickBooks then file the menu

Step 2: Click open/Restore company then choose to Restore a backup copy

Step 3: After it, click on Next and then Local backup then enter Next.

Step 4: In the browser, the company file name should be .qbb

Step 5: To restore files you need to select the folder to save files.

Note: Don’t save the backup file on the same existing file, you should rename your backup file name. 

Step 6: Now you a copy of your company file data as a new company file.


I hope the above solution help to solve QuickBooks error 6123 or error 6123, 0. We understand your problem, you manage accounting work on QB and face errors it becomes stressable for you that’s why we discussed the solution to fix QB error 6123. After completing all the solutions parts this error never comes.

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