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As we all know that, today the entire world is suffering from the COVID-19, and according to the global slogan ‘Stay Home, Stay Safe’ all are doing work from home and restricted to go outside from houses. In this situation, you need to work smartly, we mean to say, you need to continue your work through the QuickBooks remote access tool.

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Yes, you can continue your work smoothly through the QuickBooks remote access tool. Now if you are thinking that, ‘What is QuickBooks remote access?’, ‘How can I run it?’, and etc. Well, we have all these answers in this blog. In this blog, you will be able to know, how to set up, access, and what are the benefits of the QuickBooks remote access tool.

Let’s start the blog:

In a simple sentence, QuickBooks remote access is a way, by which a user can run his/her work remotely from a local or clients computer with permission through internet connection. Due to its secure accessibility feature, more than 80% of QuickBooks users in the USA using this tool to access QuickBooks file remotely.

This feature does not comes with QuickBooks accounting software. To use QuickBooks remote access you need to download QuickBooks remote access tool with a monthly subscription.

With the help of this tool, you can access the number of computers, but it totally depends on the subscription. If you want to access more computers than you need to pay more and if less then less.

QuickBooks Remote Access – Needs & Benefits

What is QuickBooks Remote Access?

QuickBooks remote access is a secure way to access QuickBooks files remotely from any other computer system using an Internet connection. It performs the QuickBooks multi-user activity.

With the remote access service of QB accounting software, you can easily access your QuickBooks, email and other programs anytime, anywhere. With its help can also transfer a file or folder from one computer to another. In addition, you can print from your remote PC to the local printer.

Benefits of accessing QuickBooks Remotely

With the feature of remote accessibility of Intuit QuickBooks, users will be able to gain several benefits that can add value to their business operations.

These are:

  • This can save your travel time and the cost of office infrastructure for accountants.
  • You can move a file or an entire folder between computers.
  • Different users can link to the same QuickBooks file.
  • You can easily print documents from your remote PC to a local printer.
  • The client or manager can monitor all the activities of the accountants.
  • You can also copy and paste between a remote system and your local PC.

The tool gets connected to the remote machine where the QB desktop is installed.

QuickBooks Remote Access Tool Cost of Accessing

QuickBooks remote Access tool is not free Intuit software. You have to pay for it. It is available in two versions.

  • Full Desktop Access ($7.95/month)
  • QuickBooks Data Access ($3.95/month)

Cost for Accountants:-

If you want to access QuickBooks only than you need to pay $3.95/month per computer.

In another plan, you can access up to 10 computers and it cost is $29.95/month Access QuickBooks only.

You can also access Clients’ computer files like software programs and documents. For that, you need to pay $7.95/month per computer or $69.95/month for 10 computers.

You can also use a third-party QuickBooks remote access software from the market. It works similarly to the QuickBooks remote access tool.

How To Set Up Remote Access to QuickBooks

Before accessing the QuickBooks remote access tool, you need to set up it properly. here in the below, we have given the procedure to set up the tool, read the set up procedure carefully first then, follow it.

How To Access QuickBooks Remotely with Remote Access Tool
  • At first, sign up for QuickBooks remote Access on the Intuit official website.
  • The second step is to log into your account on the QuickBooks Remote Access website. Just before login, You need to launch a Web browser on the computer. This is useful and important because it is the browser from where you need to remotely access QuickBooks.
  • Click on Setup computer for downloading the remote access tool installation file.
  • Enter a computer nickname in the “Nickname” field. Click on “Next“.
  • Now put a checkmark next to the options in order to initiate every time you log into a remote session.
  • It’s time to place a check-mark next to the applications for accessing QuickBooks data remotely on this computer. Access only your QuickBooks accounts for a minimal monthly fee. Then click on the “Next” button.
  • Look at the box for the authentication option to use. Either you can enter a passcode or use a phone number too. You can enter the passcode on the login page using the passcode option. The phone number option needs the tool to call you. It then prompts you for the access code every time. At last, click on the “Finish” button.

How to Access QuickBooks Remotely

To access QuickBooks remotely, first of all, you need to open a web browser on your system (remote computer). After opening a web browser, follow the below steps to complete the accessing procedure of the QuickBooks remote tool.

  • On the QuickBooks remote access website, log in to your account, and mark a tick on the checkbox of your nickname.
  • After that, click on the ‘Connect’ option.
  • Now you have to authorize your desktop by using password authentication or phone authentication.
  • If you are using the phone authentication then, you will get a call from the remote tool and you will be prompted for the passcode. Then you need to enter the passcode on the phone
  • In the next step, you can see a drop-down menu of ‘Remote Access’, just click on it, and choose the ‘End QuickBooks Remote Access Session’ option.

These steps will make you access the QuickBooks remotely. In case of any problem or difficulty in bookkeeping services, you can directly talk to our QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

QuickBooks Remote Hosting: Security

Security always plays an important role in accounting activities. Whatever accounting activities are performed by the business owner, they always require a security check for both offline operations and digital ones. Security questions are always bound to rise during QuickBooks remote access.

If you are going with the QuickBooks cloud hosting solutions, QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Hosting, security is a reliable factor to consider. Most of the providers practice 256-bit encryption. The encryption level with QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks remote access tool is almost similar.

However, if you are making use of other remote access tools, then the security concerns definitely arise on the abilities of these tools. So, better to choose for the recognized solution and stay safe.

QuickBooks Remote Access: Two solutions

Traditional Remote Screen: Many remote screen tools are available for QuickBooks bookkeeping software. It includes the discontinued remote access service from Intuit. Some tools like LogMeIn, R-HUB or TeamViewer are used.

Make a remote connection to the screen of the computer which is running remote QuickBooks. When connected properly, the image streams from the computer across and user interactions are sent back.

Enhanced Remote Access/Remote Desktop: You are logged into a user running in the background of the system that you want to access with the help of QuickBooks remote Desktop. Therefore, one person can work on the computer with QuickBooks on it, and at the same time, someone else can log in as a new, standard user in the background.

The End Line

We hope, this article will help you to work smartly through the QuickBooks remote access tool, especially in this COVID-19 situation. Just choose a suitable subscription according to your need, set up the tool perfectly, and access it to save your valuable time and run any file via any remote access computer safely. Further, if you have any doubts regarding the QuickBooks remote access tool then, you can get our ProAdvisor support for the instant solution.

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